How to make sushi

Video guide to making sushi

Hello, I'm Ravinder and I'm going to show you how to make sushi.

Ingredients for California rolls

So, over here, I'm just going to talk you through all the various bits that you need to make sushi. I've got some nori here, which is just roasted seaweed that's been made into a sheet and you can see it's got a rough side and a smooth side. You always work on the rough side.

I've got some rice here, which has just been boiled according to the packet instructions. When you see it, it's quite a thick grain of rice, almost like pudding rice, it's quite short and thick and it's just very starchy, sticky rice, so you always need a bowl of water because you can't handle it, otherwise it just sticks, so you need wet hands before you handle the rice.

I've got all my various bits and pieces here. You can put anything you like into sushi. You can keep it vegetarian, if you want to put some chicken in it, you can. But I've just got some cucumbers, I've got avocado, smoked salmon, some crab sticks and just some red peppers. And when you're making sushi, think about eating with your eyes, make it colourful and appetising.

Accompaniments for sushi

And these are just a few bits that you can accompany your sushi with, which is some pickled ginger and some wasabi, which is a Japanese horseradish. You can put it in your sushi, if you want, but it's got a nose-searing hot heat, so not everyone likes it, so perhaps just serve it on the side.

How to make your sushi rolls

Now, I've got my key piece of equipment here to make sushi with, it's just a bamboo mat which I've rolled in cling film and you can see this is how it rolls. And the reason why I've put cling film over it is it just helps keep it clean, otherwise you get bits of rice or nori stuck in the little grooves. It's just difficult and a bit tricky to clean.

So I'm going to get started and I'm just going to take a piece of my nori and I'm just going to lay it down. You can see it's grooved and you need to lay it horizontally, because that's how you're going to roll. Then I'm just going to wet my hands.

What I'm making today is a very common form of sushi, which is California rolls, also known as hosomaki. But there's various types of sushi. The other thing that's a slight misconception about sushi is that it's always raw and it isn't always raw fish, it's actually been pickled or marinated in vinegar. It doesn't matter if you go over the edges because you are going to trim the edges off anyway.

It's great, actually, to get children involved, and because it's so healthy as well. Once you've got a nice, even flat surface of rice, you can start layering your ingredients. What I'm going to add is cucumbers, some red peppers and then a crab stick maybe. Some avocado too, because it looks really good.

Once all your ingredients are in, you can start to wet your hands and you're going to roll. Just wet the surface of the uncovered nori with a little bit of water too, it'll just help make it easier to roll. Now I'm just going to start rolling. It's a bit tricky to begin with. Just starting rolling your mat, taking the sushi with it as you go. Just show it some love and give it a tight hug and a squeeze and that is it. You should have your entire roll of sushi. There you go, perfect.

So I'm just going to wet the blade of my knife very carefully, and you need it wet because, remember the rice is very sticky. I'm just going to cut my roll now. I'm going to cut each piece into about 2cm pieces, just bite size really.

So that's my last piece of sushi complete. I've got some which I made earlier. This, in my opinion, is the perfect lunch. I'm just serving it up with some Japanese soy sauce and some wasabi and pickled ginger.

And that's how you make sushi.

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