How to peel ginger

Ginger is a wonderful ingredient to add a lot of aromatic heat to your dishes so knowing how to peel it is really, really useful.

So the best way to tell if ginger is fresh is to give it a bit of a squeeze; if it's firm to the touch, it's ready to use. I find the best way to peel it is by using a teaspoon and literally just taking away the skin and it comes away very, very easily and it reveals this lovely, yellow flesh. You can use a potato peeler but I find that it's less waste when you use a teaspoon because you can get to all the nooks and crannies of the knobbly ginger.

That's pretty much all peeled and, as you can see, there's some knobbly bits that still have some skin on it so just use the tip of your knife to scrap away the little parts of the skin that you can't quite reach with your teaspoon.

So that's it, that's your ginger peeled and ready to use. At this stage you can either grate it or thinly chop it and place it straight into your dishes. Or if you have any left over, wrap it in cling film, pop it in the freezer, it lasts for about a month. The great thing about freezing is you can take it straight from the freezer and use it frozen and grate it into your dishes.

So really, it's that simple; that's how you prepare ginger.

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