How to prepare chillies

Chillies are a really popular ingredient to use in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. They add a real depth of flavour and a fiery kick. Now, I'm going to show you how to prepare a chilli. There are a number of ways of doing it but I find that this is the easiest way.

The first thing to do is take your chilli and slice it right down the middle, just in half. Now what you'll see is a white membrane and some seeds; a lot of people think the seeds are the hottest but actually the hottest part of the chilli is the membrane. So just taking your teaspoon, carefully scrape away the seeds and membrane, removing the stem at the same time. You just go in and scrape all the way through.

So there you have it, the membrane's been taken out along with the seeds, you can now slice the chilli or finely chop it.

For those who are feeling a bit adventurous, you can actually have the whole chilli, seeds and membrane and all. So all you need to do is take your chilli and chop it and add it to any of the dishes that you need.

Using the whole chilli with the membrane and the seeds definitely adds a real punch of fire to your dishes. You can use it in either marinades or even in a lovely chilli oil.

So now the chilli is prepared, it's really important that you wash your hands thoroughly and avoid contact with the eyes or any other sensitive parts of the skin. Or better still, just wear disposable gloves.

Once you know how to prepare chillies, you can give any dish a real kick.

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