How to shape hamburger patties


Video guide to shaping hamburger patties

Hamburgers are awesome on the barbecue and you can't beat a home-made burger for extra effort. Now, I've got my hamburger mix here and what I've got is some beef, red onion, good pinch of salt and some wonderful chorizo, which is going to add a beautiful smoky flavour to everything.

Add olive oil on hands

Now there's a few tips to getting your hamburgers perfect every time and my first one is just put a little bit of olive oil on the palm of your hand. What that'll do is stop any meat sticking to you while you're making the burgers.

Take a good sized portion of the mix, roll it into a ball in-between your hands and then just start flattening out and keep turning. If anything breaks at the side, don't worry about it, just either pinch it together or just press it between the palms of your hands. Ground beef tends to shrink when you cook it so what you want to do is always make sure that your burgers are a little bit bigger than the buns you've got.

So this one looks perfect. There's a little crack there, I'm just going to pinch it together, not a problem, and put it on the board. With this one, I've made it about an inch thick but remember, if you're using something like fish, make it a little bit thicker so that it stays lovely and juicy in the centre.

Make a dent

So once you've made your burger, another really good tip is just get your thumb, press it into the top and make a little dent. What that will do is when you're cooking it, it'll keep your burger nice and flat so that none of the toppings will fall off later when you're going to eat it.

Put it in the fridge

So what I would do now is pop this in the fridge for a couple of hours to firm up. I've got a couple here straight from the fridge and I actually pulled them out half an hour ago to come to temperature so they cook beautifully and even on the barbecue. So let's put them on, got my tongs here and we'll just put the burgers straight onto the barbecue.

Turn them once

What you want to do now is just leave these, don't touch them. You only really want to turn them once, sear them properly, turn them over and that will seal in all the juices and keep them lovely and succulent when you're ready to eat them.

You know what? You don't just have to use beef either. I've got a beautiful spicy turkey burger with garlic and chilli inside and I've served it with fresh guacamole. And a vegetarian option as well, beautiful spicy bean burger, delicious.

So there you go, home-made burgers, tasty and wholesome, a firm barbecue favourite.

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