Lamb farming in Devon for Tesco


Video guide to lamb farming in Devon for Tesco 

Graham: Hi, I'm Graham, I farm in Devon and supply spring lamb for Tesco. It's a family-run farm; me, my wife Sarah and our two children Sam and Rachel both on the farm full time, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This is Rachel, my daughter, she's come on the farm to work and really enjoys it.

Rachel: I enjoy working alongside the rest of my family, it means that I get to see them all the time and we can always have a chat and we know what each of us is doing and we know how we like to do stuff. Producing lambs is very hard work; it starts from the ewes are put into lamb. We then bring them in ten days before they're going to lamb to make sure that they're well looked after. They lamb inside so they've got time to bond with their lambs. They're then put out about ten days old where they go out into grass. They then carry on on grass with a little bit of help from the cereals we give them but they can look after their lambs and produce enough milk to make the lambs grow. My favourite thing about working for our family business is you rear lambs, you put them out in the fields and you see them every day and you know that they're well looked after. I think Devon's a good place for rearing lamb because it grows a lot of grass, you can see all the rolling hills means that the lambs can get down out of the winds and the harsh conditions and they can enjoy being out in the field on the grass.

Graham: We keep Poll Dorset ewes and we use Poll Dorset rams because they will breed all year round.

Rachel: They are native to this country and they would taste good because they're reared well. I think it's very important to eat British lamb because it's produced to a very high standard, it's locally sourced and it's produced on lovely pastures. My favourite way to eat lamb is on a Sunday; Sunday roast with all the family. It's great, it's a lovely piece of meat and you know that everyone's going to enjoy it.

Graham: A leg of lamb for Easter would be absolutely brilliant. I think our lamb is really, really good quality because it's a family run farm and the sheep get day to day care and we like to think that Tesco get the very best.

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