Piping techniques


Video guide to piping techniques

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm going to show you some piping techniques.

How to make butter frosting

Now the best thing to use when piping is butter frosting and the way you make butter frosting is 140g of softened butter, 280g of icing sugar, two tablespoons of whole milk at room temperature and a food colouring of your choice. I've got some pink butter frosting and some chocolate butter frosting, which I've made by adding two tablespoons of cocoa powder.

Two-tone piping and making a piping bag

There's lots of different nozzles you can use and they each produce a different effect. I'm going to use this nozzle here today and I'm going to make two-tone piping by mixing both colours in a piping bag and a really good tip for you is to use a tall glass. So take your piping bag and snip off the end and drop your nozzle into it. Then you can push your piping bag into the glass, making a lip over the top and make a little well inside.

Achieving a carrot shape

I'm going to start with my ink butter frosting and drop that in and then chocolate and I'm going to alternate. It can get a little bit messy but that's absolutely fine, that's part of the fun. And at this point, what I want to do is lift up my piping bag, shake it down so I've got a bit more room, still keep a lip and keep going. You don't want to go right to the top because then it gets really messy so give yourself an inch or so. That should do it. Now I'm going to lift up the lip, shake it down a bit. What you want to do then is squeeze the top of the piping bag in between your index finger and your thumb and twist around so it's a nice carrot shape.

Practise makes perfect

I like to practise with the different nozzles and I've got some parchment paper with some butter frosting in the bags. It's good to practise; then you can see what you like and what effects are good and if the butter frosting's coming out easily. That all looks great to me.

Decorating fairy cakes

I've got two fairy cakes here which I'm going to decorate with my two-tone butter frosting. Using my thumb and my index finger and I'm going to pipe around, putting the pressure on the whole time but moving the nozzle slowly because I don't want to drag the butter frosting. Take it round into the centre, push down and up. Hold the cake, start on the outside, moving slowly but keeping the pressure on, take it round then into the middle and push down and up.

And then add a little bit of decoration. OK, they're looking lovely.

Decorating a chocolate cake

I've got this beautiful chocolate cake which I'm going to decorate with vanilla and chocolate butter frosting. I'm going to do alternate little flowers. So twist the piping bag so you've got that nice carrot shape, holding between your thumb and your index finger, pushing with the top, swirling round and then I'm going to change to my vanilla. Little flowers always look fab and the contrasting colours look great.

I'm going to cover the whole surface of the cake and this might take some time. And now I'm going to pipe flowers around the base of the cake because that always looks really nice.

Now that looks really fantastic. There you go, simple and effective piping skills.

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