Producing bronze turkeys for Tesco


Hi, I'm Jonathan Skinner, I'm a Bronze Turkey grower for the Tesco Finest range based in central Norfolk.

The farming methods seen here are very traditional. We tend to hand straw the birds every morning and they get a quantity of two ton of straw every day. We try and be as sustainable on the farm as we can. The muck which is produced from these birds is particularly useful; it goes back into the arable rotation, we recycle straw to muck and muck back to land.

We are heavily adherent to Freedom Foods and any animal welfare legislation. Winning Young Farmer of the Year is a huge accolade but I just think it shows we've done so much as a farm in the last four years. Our turkey enterprise has grown from 20,000 birds to 35,000 birds and the arable has also doubled in size.

The Bronze turkey is perfect for the Finest Range; due to its free range roaming it has a very gamey flavour and an incredible succulent taste. These turkeys you see here will double in size for Christmas and then they'll go off to be processed.

Turkey is very flavoursome, it's also a very healthy meat, it should be used more on the British menu. It would be an aim of mine to try and get people to eat more turkey throughout the year and not just at Christmas.

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