Producing Venison for Tesco in Scotland


Christian Nissen: My name is Christian Nissen, I am the owner of Highland Game. We are right now at the top of Glen Esk at Invermark Lodge in Scotland.

We have the most fantastic landscape, shelter for food and the land mass is just great and the natural place for deer to be. The deer in Invermark is a free roaming wild animal; the animals are presented to us from October to March when the experienced stalkers will go into the countryside and source the raw material.

Andy Malcolm: My name's Andy Malcolm, I'm a stalker on the Invermark Estate. At this time of year I'm stalking deer every day. I'm responsible for about 10,000 acres of ground and it's my job to keep the population under control. There are never two days the same; I will go out in the morning and I will look at the wind direction, the weather conditions and from that I'll be able to work out, hopefully, where my deer are going to be. It's one of the great joys of the job, you just never know what the day holds in store for you.

Christian Nissen: Highland Game produces a whole variety of different specifications; we produce burgers and sausages and we also produce the finer cuts such as steaks and casseroling and, indeed, the loin. Highland Game has won a number of awards for best marketing and, indeed, for best cuts. We've beat some of the best and we're very proud of that.

Venison is easy to cook, it's a product that doesn't really need any special preparation. I like frying it, I like using butter and the most important thing - never to overcook. Leave to rest before you serve it and that will guarantee a beautiful eating experience. It is healthy, it is low in fat, it is a natural product, it simply can't be beaten.

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