Sourcing Tesco finest* cottage pie


Ian Loftus: This is a British classic and classics don't really need to be messed with. All you want is just good, wholesome ingredients.

Alex Kirkman: Melton Mowbray is known as the rural capital of food.

Ian: I'm going to show you today how we cook the Tesco Finest cottage pie. To start off,  we've got beautiful Aberdeen Angus mince, we've got celery, onions, carrots,  tomato puree, salt and pepper, veg oil. You need to get a nice caramelised sweet flavour coming through and then we use a really rich beef stock. I've been creating dishes for Tesco now for over 20 years, there's no mystery to this; you don't have to be the best chef in the world, you just need to make sure you use the best ingredients from Britain.

Alex: We always try to use British where we can because we believe that's what people have trust in, British ingredients.

Ian: My oldest boy loves a cottage pie and his grandma always makes him a cottage pie and he never used to touch my cottage pies so I reverted to his grandma's recipe and she always says to me, "You ought to pay me for my recipe." I like to make out it's my own though. I'm going to take these lovely ingredients that we've just prepared and then we're going to start cooking them.

Alex: What we do in the kitchen is exactly what we do in the bakery so boiling the potatoes which will go through and then be what we call riced which is like mashed.

Ian: So I'm taking my carrots, my celery, beautiful rich beef stock, nice and dark, going to add my mince. Yes, that smells really beefy, carroty, it's got the sweetness of the onions coming through, the tomato puree for extra richness; that really does smell good. Okay, Alex, shall we have a taste of this and see how good it is? That's good, nice.

Alex: Your mother in law would be proud.

Ian: She would, wouldn't she?

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