Sourcing Tesco finest* Domaine de Sours Rosé and Stellenbosch Sauvignon


Laura Jewell: So my job involves travelling the world and finding new and exciting wines for Tesco for the Finest range. The secret of finding a great wine is working very closely with the winemakers; they're the people who understand their wines and they're the people we can work with to blend and create a wine that is going to be the epitome of what we want, what our customers want but also what they can produce that is part of that region and part of that area.

Part of the collaboration with the winemakers is that every winemaker is  proud enough of the wines we create to put their signature on the front  label. And in South Africa one of our favourite wines is the Stellenbosch Sauvignon Blanc from Vergelegen made for us by Andre Van Rensburg and we work very closely with him to make a brilliant Sauvignon Blanc that is full of grassy gooseberry flavour.

Another winery we work very closely with is Chateau de Sours in Bordeaux. Chateau de Sours has a great reputation for producing fantastic wines and I  was very keen to talk to Martin about how we could develop something that was quite unique to us to put under our Finest label.

Martin Krajewski: Chateau de Sours is a really pretty magical place. The current house was built by Comtes du Richemont in 1792 and they also planted up the vines. Before that, for 200 years, it was on the route to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle in northern Spain and before that we know that somebody was living here for at least 500 years.

So every year we set up our vines particularly to make rosé and we manage the vineyard architecture specifically for rosé; picking early in the morning, nice cool temperatures, much better for the maceration. Extract the juice and then ferment the wine at long, cold temperatures. And having extracted the juice, we'll let it ferment at a low temperature for four to six weeks which really helps to develop beautiful, aromatic, summer red berry fruit flavours.

Laura: We don't just visit a winery and take whatever they have off the shelf, it's very much a collaborative partnership with the wine maker.

Martin: We talk about the style, we work on the colour, we look for definition of the flavour and that really helps us because we're actually producing something that we want and something that Tesco want and something that's going to make the customers hopefully very happy.

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