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We're in the south corner of the bay of Naples; there is Capri, Sorrento, this is the homeland of pasta. Gragnano comes from the Latin word grania that means wheat and the Gragnano family founded the town because it was the perfect place to mill the wheat, to deliver the wheat to the main town and to dry the pasta outside. This temperature is more or less the same through the year, the breeze from the west, from the sea, came into the town so that you could dry pasta outside daily.

The town of Gragnano is also the home of my business; we've been making pasta for 100 years. My grandfather, as a worker, was working inside the factory that he bought when he was 18 off his employer. And since then my father, my uncles, my cousins, we've all been doing the same thing. And after 100 years we are still are in Gragnano; it is a unique place. The knowledge of the people that have been working with us, the grandsons of the people who worked for my grandfather are proudly working for us and that makes a big difference.

I like to think we make pasta the same exact way my granddad used to make it; great selection of durum wheat, great selection of raw material which is the base. Pasta is a very simple food and you need a lot of passion. You need to have that kind of respect of the process; it is similar to 100 years ago.

This piece of metal is what gives pasta a shape, it's called a dye. It can be bronze or Teflon. When it's bronze the texture of the pasta is very rough and attracts the sauce better. In your mouth it will taste ten times better.

To pack Tesco Finest, it's very special. We've been working with Tesco for over 45 years and this year, when they asked us to redesign the Finest range, they've asked not to get to any compromise. Tesco Finest range is by far the best you can find in the market so there is no need to go round and waste the time going into a deli that is pretending to be authentic. This is made in the home town of pasta by a 100-years-old family.

So this is the finished product which is fusilli lunghi col buco Finest. You can find it on the shelves of Tesco and we're going to do the typical Italian pasta dish which is pasta with tomato sauce. I suggest you keep them al dente, for the cooking time we suggest on the bag. That's proper Italian pasta.

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