Sourcing Tesco finest* smoked haddock


David Tummey: I'm the third generation Tummey to be doing this job. It started with my  grandpa and then it went to my dad. I've been here 30 years myself; the  place has been here 100 years. He'd get me out of bed at 4:15 in the morning.

Pete Tummey: It was a job getting him out of bed though at 4, 4:10 in the morning every morning.

Joe Tummey: I've known nothing but getting up at 4 and 5 in the morning all my life, ever since I came out of the navy.

David: As you can see, we've got lovely nice haddock loins. Yes, I've took on what my granddad started. My granddad walked in here about a year after World War 2 finished.

Joe: I started knowing nothing about the fish trade but within 12 months I had risen to the manager of the company and from that day on until I bought it out.

David: Exactly the same process is used as what my grandpa used back in the 1940s.

Joe: Yes, I retired in '79.

David: You love the place, don't you?

Joe: Yes, well, it's my life.

Pete: The work ethic in the fish trade is tremendous because it's not an easy job no matter what part you work in and that's continued through the family.

Joe: We work hard and they all work hard because this is a hard trade to be in but they were brought up to work hard.

David: The building now, in recent years, has been made into a listed building. The tar that you're seeing, it's a build up of years and years of smoking which we believe adds flavour to the smoked fish over the 12 - 14 hours that it's hanging here in the chimneys.

Pete: I'm extremely proud, as I said, he's done well, the business has progressed and continues to produce the quality that we expect that he would produce. Same as my father taught me; take pride in your work and I don't think you can go far wrong.

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