Sourcing Tesco finest* Wensleydale blue cheese


Narrator:  The history of Wensleydale cheese does go back to the Cistercian monks who settled here in the 12th Century and they were the people who were credited with sort of pioneering the first cheese making in the area. We buy our milk locally from 40 typically family farms in and around the area of Wensleydale and most of those farmers are very traditional and many of them have been supplying milk to Wensleydale Creamery here in Hawes for many, many generations. So Mr Scarr of Askrigg is a typical milk producer supplying us and he's typical family farm, milking black and white Friesian cows, perfect milk for Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese.

David Scarr: At the moment we're milking 80 and we're self contained so we running about 160                         head of cattle from calves up to dairy cows. But, to be quite honest, I don't think we'd be milking cows if it wasn't for the Creamery. We're only small farmers in the sense nowadays and some of the bigger dairies; they wouldn't venture up this valley to pick our milk up.

Narrator: When the cheese maker deems it to be the right time, we then set the stirrers going and it's a really special moment for the cheese maker where he sees those stirrers come across that coagulum for the first time because it's a beautiful part of the cheese making process. We then start to work the curd and that's when we then cut the curd into big blocks and start to turn the blocks in the vat. People in the cheese room then fill by hand into the moulds and start the moulding process. And then finally the cheeses are taken into the maturing room.

Taster 1: The best bit of this is when we actually get to taste it and we absolutely love doing this, don't we? We spend our lives doing this and - really great, great flavour on that one.

Norman: Beautiful cream.

Taster 1: Creamy, broken down, superb. Let's just have another bit, Norman, because that's absolute winner is that one.

Norman: Show cheese.

Taster 1: Show cheese, that one.

David Scarr: You know, we're quite proud to supply the Creamery, it's world-wide known.

Mrs Scarr: It makes us feel very good, doesn't it?

David Scarr: Oh, yes, of course it does, yes.

Mrs Scarr: To think that the Creamery can keep going and keep the Dale in work, for one thing, and yet we can provide milk to make the cheese and it's worldwide famous.

Narrator: Absolutely brilliant.

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