Stone Fruit From Seville

Video guide to stone fruit from Seville

My name is Jose Gandia, I am the CEO of Royal and here we are in one of our picking points of the season, the fruits that will be delivered to Tesco.

The best stone fruit is a combination of many attentions to detail. So the way of picking is a very important one. They pick with a ring and so the fruit has not to go through the ring, it has to be larger than the ring. When they put it in the box, they put it facing up so they want to have an even quality and maturity in the box and the same colour. On one layer, the head of the crew controls, box by box, that the picker is doing the right job.

Those are brought with a tractor to the farm and then from the farm they are taken to the pack house, every two hours to the pack house. Probably 70% of what has been picked during the day will be shipped during the day because we want to pick ripe and that the fruit arrives in England, to the customers of Tesco, is fruit that is ripe and is fresh.

The obsession of Royal is the consumer at the end and quality is our main drive. But we want also to be delivering something that is respectful with nature. We use this type of plastic mulch in order to increase the reflection of the sun so that the fruit that is inside the tree receives as much sun as possible and that is one of the many little things that we do to have better fruit, better eating quality. And then it cuts down the consumption of water which is critical for Andalucía and this part because we are always short of water and so fertiliser and water are taken down by the use of this mulch.

We are working extremely hard and we have gone down to using one third of the pesticides we were using five years ago. Our main target is being sustainable and combining sustainability with good eating and quality.

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