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Apples are an all-time favourite and are in season now

You really can’t beat a crisp, fresh apple, and with more than 7,000 delicious varieties we are truly spoilt for choice. Apples have vibrant green, red or yellow skin and range from citrusy to creamy and nutty to tart. Make sure to choose apples that are blemish-free and extra plump so that you get the best quality and flavour possible. We love chomping down on apples just as they are, but we also adore baking Bramely apples into sweet pies, slicing Golden Delicious apples over salads and grating Granny Smith’s into crunchy slaws.

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Sweet and juicy, British pears are at their best right now. With a pale green skin and a soft flesh that has a subtle sweetness, pears are an iconic autumnal harvest fruit. They continue to ripen after picking, so don't be put off by a firm pear - it'll soften nicely in your fruit bowl. Rocha pears from Portugal are great for baking into tarts whilst crunchier Comice pears are perfect for slicing into crisp salads.

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What on earth would we do without onions? They are a kitchen staple and the starting ingredient for so many dishes. There are lots of lovely varieties to take advantage of, ranging from classic white and red onions to sweet shallots, mild spring onions and even Rosanna pink onions that have a refined, sweet flavour. Onions certainly deserve their time in the spotlight as the star of rich French onion soup and golden fried Indian bhajis. 

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From chestnut and button to flat and forestiere, mushrooms come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. They have a wonderfully woody, earthy flavour. The best mushrooms have firm stems and tight gills (the papery bits that sit underneath the mushroom cap). Wash and trim the stems to prepare them and then slice them as you need. We love frying closed cup mushrooms in butter until golden for breakfast or topping pan-fried flat mushrooms with blue cheese for a sumptuous starter.

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