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Enjoy October's bounty with sweet pumpkin

Being carved into a lantern isn’t the only fitting end for a pumpkin. It’s also great baked, roasted, mashed and added to soups and stews. The orange flesh makes delicious smooth, silky soup. Add a little spice and seasoning to help bring out its flavour. 

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Most of the blackberries in store are the traditional, tangy variety, which is great for baking with or adding to sauces and marinades to go with meat. Also look out for sweet eating berries, such as finest* carmel and karaka black – these plump, succulent versions can be enjoyed just as they are.

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Fresh greens

Fresh greens

A member of the cabbage family, fresh greens are available all year round. Quick cooking turns the green leaves silky-smooth and sweet. Look for bright green, perky leaves that have a good snap to their central stalk. To enjoy them at their best, cook and eat them as soon as possible after purchase. They only require a quick steam or stir-fry to bring out their naturally sweet flavour.

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Apples are one of the UK's favourite fruits and with more than 7,000 varieties we are truly spoilt for choice. Whether you love a Braeburn, Golden Delicious, or a Pink Lady, crisp apples are delicious when baked into pies, topped with crumble, or coated in toffee. The apple season lasts for many months and kicks off in August with the ripening of the Bramley apple. 

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Sweet and juicy, British pears are at their best right now. Pears have a sweet flesh that is slightly grainy in texture. They continue to ripen after picking, so don’t be put off by a firm fruit – it’ll soften. Comice pears are quite firm, so are great in salads or paired with cheese; conference pears are luscious and tender, so ideal for snacking.  

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With its tightly packed, creamy white florets (called curds) and delicate, nutty flavour, cauliflower tastes delicious and looks great, too. Choose one with a fresh, not pungent scent with no browning on its curds. Cauliflower is perfect for steaming, roasting or whizzing into a soup, but it’s also great raw – try thinly slicing the florets to make a beautiful salad. 

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This oily fish is sustainable and nutritious – it’s full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for the heart. It’s also quick and easy to prepare and cook.

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