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Enjoy September’s harvest with the juicy, sharp British blackberry 

Most of the blackberries in store are the traditional, tangy variety, which is great for baking with or adding to sauces and marinades to go with meat. Also look out for sweet eating berries, such as finest* carmel and karaka black – these plump, succulent versions can be enjoyed just as they are.

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Roasted, baked or mashed, parsnips are a versatile root vegetable with an earthy flavour that is sweeter than its relative, the carrot. They are harvested from July onwards and stored in the ground during winter with a covering of straw to stop the roots regrowing. They are perfectly suited to the British climate, as the cold weather brings out their sweetness.

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This month we can’t get enough of the British-grown bushy tops. The beautiful green leaf tops make this carrot stand out from the crowd. They’re smaller and sweeter than other varieties, too. Cook with the foliage intact for decoration, or trim it down a little to leave an inch or so of green for a more elegant look.

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Red onion

Red onion

Peppery when raw and sweet when cooked, red onions are a kitchen essential. They add flavour to stocks, provide a robust base for sauces and can be the star of a dish. Carmelising red onions helps to bring out their natural sweetness – fry them over a gentle heat in a little olive oil, until it turns a deep purple colour.

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The versatility of this root vegetable makes it an all-time favourite and this month we are celebrating the golden, smooth-skinned elfe potato – grown exclusively for Tesco. The broad geographical spread of the crop includes farms in Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire, ensuring this delicious, creamy potato is available throughout the harvest season. 

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This purple fruit has glossy, deep-purple skin and a bulbous shape, but also comes in a range of shapes and sizes, and can even have white stripes! Aubergines soak up a lot of liquid and oil, so try dry-frying slices on a hot grill.

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