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August brings barbecue season and delicious British sweetcorn, which makes for the perfect combination. 

Fresh, ripe sweetcorn has tightly packed kernels that release a milky liquid when cut. It’s best eaten as fresh as possible, as the sugars in the kernels can quickly turn to starch.

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British plums

British plums

British plums are wonderfully versatile and can simply be eaten as they are or used to make a sweet plum tart or a sticky plum sauce. With a smooth, chalky skin and juicy flesh, these succulent British fruit are in season from August to October. Varying in colour from golden to purple, we recommend trying popular varieties like Victoria and Majorie Seedling.

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British stone fruit

British stone fruit

Plums, peaches, avocados and apricots are called 'stone fruits' because they have a stone or kernel at their centre and are at their best during the summer months. Apricots are considered to be the sweetest of the stone fruit family, and have a distinct flavour that lends itself well to jams and compotes as well as savoury Moroccan tagines. 

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Apples are one of the UK's favourite fruits and with more than 7,000 varieties we are truly spoilt for choice. Whether you love a Braeburn, Golden Delicious, or a Pink Lady, crisp apples are delicious when baked into pies, topped with crumble, or coated in toffee. The apple season lasts for many months and kicks off in August with the ripening of the Bramley apple. 

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Fragrant and juicy, mangoes make a great snack and add a burst of tropical flavour to a variety of dishes. Filled with the sweet-fruit aroma, mangoes are perfect in Caribbean or Asian curries and salads. They are also delicious in cheesecakes, smoothies and sorbets.

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Pork is available all year round and is a very popular and versatile meat. Whether you prefer a herby sausage, a chunky chop, or a sizzling rasher of bacon, pork provides a strong, distinct flavour that goes wonderfully with creamy mashed potato or crisp fresh greens. 

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