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'Tis the season for potato perfection

The versatility of this root vegetable makes it an all-time favourite and there are lots of delicious varieties. With its earthy red skin and firm, velvety texture the Désirée potato is popular when used in an indulgent Dauphinoise dish. The Elfe potato, grown exclusively for Tesco, is deliciously creamy and works wonderfully when pan-fried. King Edwards are very popular, particularly during the festive season - a great all-rounder with a waxy coloured skin and pink blush marks, the perfect potato for Christmas roasties. 

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Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Traditionally eaten on Christmas Day, Brussels sprouts sweet, nutty flavour and crisp texture make them a great choice throughout the winter. Choose sprouts that are bright green, with no yellowing. They are delicious boiled, fried with chestnuts and bacon or shredded raw and tossed in a salad.

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As a member of the parsley family, these bright orange roots are an excellent source of vitamin A, carotene and potassium. Carrots are delicious eaten as they are and when diced they give any stew, salad or cake a wonderful texture. 

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Roasted or mashed, parsnips are a versatile root vegetable with an earthy flavour that is sweeter than its relative, the carrot. They are harvested from July onwards and stored in the ground during winter with a covering of straw to stop the roots regrowing. They are perfectly suited to the British climate, as the cold weather brings out their sweetness.

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Cabbage is a very versatile vegetable with so many wonderful varieties you can guarantee there’s always a cabbage to meet your needs. Whether you prefer vibrant red cabbage, crinkly savoy cabbage, or soft sweetheart cabbage, this tightly packed vegetable has an abundance of crispy leaves that make a delicious addition to many dishes, from stir-fried and stews to salads and slaws.

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Cuts of meat are available all year round but no Christmas would be complete without a whole, roasted turkey. To get deliciously juicy meat, baste it frequently during roasting or marinate it the day before to let the flavours mature. With any leftovers, reinvent them as burgers, pilafs and curries. 

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