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Juicy blackberries are in season now

Soft and juicy, these dark autumn berries are sweet and delicious and breakfast-ready. Blackberries are at their best when they are firm and plump and dark in colour, and you can either pick up a packet or pluck your own straight from the hedgerows. To get the most from your blackberries make sure to store them in the fridge but serve them at room temperature for extra juiciness. We love them baked into cakes, bursting into berry crumbles and added into sauces and marinades.

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With its tightly packed, creamy white florets (called curds) and delicate, nutty flavour, cauliflower tastes delicious and looks great too. Choose one with a fresh scent and no browning for the best taste. Cauliflower is perfect for steaming, roasting or whizzing into a soup, but it’s also great raw – try thinly slicing the florets to make a beautiful salad. You can even lightly grill cauliflower steaks for a light and tasty snack.

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Kale is a type of cabbage and a popular superfood that's wonderfully flavoursome and versatile. Add to soups, stews and stir-fries, or blend a little into a juice or smoothie for a quick afternoon boost. Try baking it with a little oil and salt for a crispy, nutritious alternative to crisps. The tastiest, most tender kale has dark green leaves and goes bitter over time, so eat soon after buying to enjoy it at its sweetest.

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As a member of the parsley family, these bright orange roots are an excellent source of vitamin A, carotene and potassium. Carrots are delicious eaten as they are and when diced they give any stew, salad or cake a wonderful texture. 

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The versatility of this root vegetable makes it an all-time favourite and this month we are celebrating the golden, smooth-skinned elfe potato – grown exclusively for Tesco. The broad geographical spread of the crop includes farms in Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire, ensuring this delicious, creamy potato is available throughout the harvest season. 

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A member of the cabbage family, this rough-skinned root vegetable is purplish on the outside with sweet-tasting yellow or white flesh. It adds a delicate flavour to many dishes. When roasted or mashed, swede makes a simple, tasty side dish. Choose a firm, solid and heavy root and use a sharp knife to slice and remove the skin. 

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