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3 great uses for rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is a brilliant kitchen staple. It has a higher smoke point than other oils, so when you use it for shallow frying or roasting you can achieve a golden crispy coating on your roast potatoes or fishcakes, for example. It’s also neutral in flavour, so won’t overpower the other ingredients in the dish. Give it a try this Christmas with these three festive recipes.

  1. The ultimate roast potatoes

    Adding a drizzle of Crisp ’N Dry to your roasties will create the crispiest potatoes you’ll ever try. Transform your Christmas Day spuds and guests will be requesting them year after year! In this ultimate roast potato recipe we’ve added sage and red onion for a festive flavour twist.

    Roast potatoes with sage and red onion recipe
  2. Fridge-raid fritters

    Bubble and squeak is a Boxing Day classic. In this use-it-up fritter recipe, you can throw in leftover roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts and turkey. The mixture is given a lift with Indian-inspired spices. Fry the patties in Crisp ‘N Dry for a golden, crunchy outer coating, then whizz up a zingy coriander and mango chutney dipping sauce to serve on the side.

    Indian-spiced bubble and squeak recipe
  3. Golden French toast

    This recipe gives French toast a seasonal spin by soaking panettone slices in a clementine-infused egg mixture, then frying them in Crisp ‘N Dry rapeseed oil until they’re nice and golden. Slice into chunky fingers and serve with a cheat’s chocolate sauce for dunking. A great snack for Christmas film night.

    Panettone French toast sticks with chocolate dipping sauce recipe