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10 Diwali recipes

Celebrate the festival of lights with our delicious selection of Diwali recipes. Whether you’re looking for classic recipes or new twists for your Diwali meals, indulgent desserts to round off your feasting, or Diwali sweet recipes to give as gifts, we have so much inspiration to help you plan your celebration in style.

  1. Aloo chaat recipe

    Originally an Indian street food, this tasty veggie dish has many regional variations but always with crispy fried potatoes as the base (aloo meaning potato in Hindi). Our recipe uses fresh and dry spices to create a fiery kick, but the heat is beautifully balanced with zesty lime, fresh pomegranate and cooling yogurt. A staple snack or side dish for Diwali celebrations.

    Aloo chaat recipe
  2. Salted lassi recipe

    Cooling, refreshing and either sweet or salty, lassi is a hugely popular cold yogurt drink in India and is lovely to serve at any time during Diwali, even if the weather is on the chilly side in the UK! This healthy version is inspired by the classic recipe using a pinch of salt, but we’ve added some cumin and fresh mint for a spicy, fragrant flavour kick. If you prefer a fruity lassi, try this Mango and passion fruit recipe.

    Salted lassi recipe
  3. Gulab jamun recipe

    Exquisite to look at and comforting to eat, the beloved Indian dessert gulab jamun takes centre-stage at festivals such as Diwali and it’s easy to see why, with its melt-in-the-mouth fried dumplings soaked in fragrant rose and subtly spiced syrup. Serve warm or at room temperature and contrast the sticky sweetness with a scoop of cooling ice cream.

    Gulab jamun recipe
  4. Masala dosa filo samosas recipe

    There are so many variations of this tasty filo parcel – our simple samosa recipe incorporates the classic combination of onion, potato and warming fresh and dry spices, which works beautifully with the sweet and spicy chutney. This is the ultimate side dish or snack for everyday eating as well as Diwali festival feasting.

    Masala dosa filo samosas recipe
  5. Mini lamb kebab skewers recipe

    These succulent, spiced lamb kebabs are packed with flavour and will disappear fast! The recipe makes 16, so there's plenty to go round and you can even make them in advance and freeze, if you like. The cooling, minty yogurt dip is a lovely contrast to the rich, spiced lamb.

    Mini lamb kebab skewers recipe
  6. Barfi recipe

    Gloriously sweet and beautiful to look at, barfi is the perfect gift to give (and receive!) for Diwali, and our version includes milk powder and condensed milk to make it quicker and easier to make than the traditional method of condensing milk. Warm spice and crunchy nuts give this fudge-like sweet an interesting edge but, once you’ve mastered the recipe, you can try versions with different flavours and textures.

    Barfi recipe
  7. Seviyan kheer fruit custard recipe

    Chef Rabia Rashad has taken the popular milk-based dessert of kheer, made from vermicelli pasta, and created a tangy, nutty, custard-flavoured version. It may not be traditional, but if you’re looking for a twist on tradition to round off your Diwali meal, this is sure to impress! With a crumbly biscuit base, trifle layers, warm spices and exotic fruit, this dessert really is something special.

    Seviyan kheer fruit custard recipe
  8. Tandoori chicken poppadoms recipe

    These moreish little bites of spiced, marinated chicken encased in crunchy poppadoms are simple to prepare, yet create an eye-catching display of canapés to serve at your Diwali gatherings. You could even cook the chicken in an air-fryer, if you prefer. Garnish with red onion and coriander for a vibrant finishing touch.

    Tandoori chicken poppadoms recipe
  9. Mango and rose malai pots recipe

    Reminiscent of a cheesecake, these beautiful malai pots are a fitting end to your Diwali feasting. Not only do they look elegant, they taste exquisite – with layers of spicy biscuit crumb, tropical fruit and a delicately-flavoured rose and cardamom cream. Finish with crushed pistachios and/or rose petals for a luxurious flourish.

    Mango and rose malai pots recipe
  10. Papdi chaat recipe

    This street-food staple from North India comprises crispy fried crackers (papdi), spiced vegetables and chickpeas, then toppings such as chutney and yogurt. The result is a flavour-packed snack or side dish that’s ideal for Diwali, because you can tailor it to your own taste and those you’re cooking for. Here, Monica Halder adds crunchy Bombay mix and sweet dried cranberries to the chaat and creates a cooling mint and coriander chutney. Delicious!

    Papdi chaat recipe