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3-ingredient canapés

Make Christmas a breeze with these easy canapés, made using just three simple ingredients. Decadent brownie bites, topped with salted caramel sauce and luscious whipped cream. Delicious feta and sun-dried tomato cucumber rolls, and cute little meringue sandwiches, dipped in chocolate and hundreds and thousands. Christmas canapés have never looked so good.

  1. Cucumber and feta rolls

    Cucumber and feta rolls FINISHED SHOT mini (1)1. Using a peeler, peel a whole cucumber into long thin strips. Once you get close to the centre, turn it over and start again. Cut each strip in half. Save the core to use in a salad.

    Cucumber and feta rolls STEP ONE mini (1)2. Take 100g (3 1/2oz) feta and crumble all but 1 tbsp of it into a bowl. Add 100g (3 1/2oz) finely chopped sundried tomatoes. Combine thoroughly with a spoon.

    Cucumber and feta rolls STEP TWO mini (1)3. Press a small piece (around 1 tsp) of the feta and tomato mix onto a piece of cucumber and roll it up tightly. Arrange on a serving dish. Continue until you have finished all of the strips. You should have enough for about 30 rolls.Crumble over the remaining feta for a garnish and drizzle over a little of the sundried tomato oil.

    Cucumber and feta rolls STEP THREE mini (1)Calories 18 (1%), sugar 0.4g (0%), fat 1.4g (2%), saturates 0.6g (3%), salt 0.18g (3%), based on 30 servings.

  2. Mini brownies with salted caramel and cream

    Mini brownies FINISHED SHOT mini1. Pour a 120ml tub of double cream into a mixing bowl and whisk into soft peaks.

    Mini brownies STEP ONE mini2. Take a 100g jar of Tesco Finest salted caramel sauce and spread a small dollop on top of each of the brownies from a pack of 20 chocolate brownie bites.

    Mini brownies STEP TWO mini3. Using a teaspoon, put a small dollop of the cream on top of each of the salted caramel dollops. Repeat with the rest of the brownie bites.

    Mini brownies STEP THREE miniCalories 99 (5%), sugar 7.2g (8%), fat 6.6g (9%), saturates 4.1g (21%), salt 0.076g (1%), based on 20 servings.

  3. Mini meringue sandwiches

    Meringue sandwiches FINISHED SHOT mini1. In a heatproof bowl, heat a 100g bar of Tesco Finest milk cooking chocolate in a microwave for 1-2 minutes, until fully melted.

    Meringue sandwiches STEP ONE mini2. Once cooled slightly, take 2 packs of 16 plain mini meringues. Dip the bottom of two of the meringues into the chocolate, ensuring they both get an even coating, then sandwich the two together.

    Meringue sandwiches STEP TWO mini3. Tip a 20g pack of hundreds and thousands sprinkles into a shallow dish. Gently roll the meringue sandwiches in the sprinkles so that the chocolate that has oozed out is coated evenly. Set to one side and leave until the chocolate has set. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the remaining meringues.

    Meringue sandwiches STEP THREE miniCalories 153 (8%), sugar 25.5g (28%), fat 4.8g (7%), saturates 3.1g (16%), salt 0.069g (1%), based on 8 servings.