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3 winter warmer recipes for dinner with friends

Not hitting the slopes this winter? Fear not – our comforting recipes will help you recreate all the cosy vibes of après ski, and they’re all perfect for casual dinners with friends. The star of the slopes? Evian Sparkling, a fizzy take on the iconic natural mineral water hailing from the French Alps and famed for its distinctive minerality. A cooling pairing for these three warming dishes.

  1. Root veg gratin with salad and pickles

    Buttery and rich, our root veg gratin really hits the spot on a winter’s day. It combines potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips with aromatic herbs and spices, and a rich Gruyère topping that adds a salty, nutty flavour. Serve piping hot with a crisp green salad, tangy cornichons and a refreshing glass of Evian Sparkling.

    Root vegetable gratin recipe
  2. Festive spiced beef one-pot with mash and greens

    Slow-cooked until gloriously tender, this festive spiced beef one-pot is a warming dish made with gentle spices and red wine. Team with fluffy mashed potato and steamed, dark leafy greens to mop up all the delicious gravy. Pair with Evian Sparkling, the fine bubbles in the water make a refreshing palate cleanser.

    Festive spiced beef one-pot recipe
  3. French onion spaghetti

    French onion spaghetti? Yes, you heard right! This recipe combines two favourites: comforting spaghetti and caramelised brown onions inspired by the classic French soup. Garnish with a scattering of crunchy fried breadcrumbs and a sprinkling of Comté cheese. Don't forget the final touch of sparkle: serve with a bottle of Evian Sparkling Water on the table for guests to enjoy alongside their meal.

    French onion spaghetti recipe