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One Christmas cheesecake, three ways

Cheesecake is always a Christmas crowd-pleaser and, when it comes to flavourings and toppings, the opportunities are endless. We’ve created three festive cheesecakes, each with the same base recipe. Choose your favourite or try all three!

  1. Spiced: Gingerbread man cheesecake

    Nothing says Christmas quite like gingerbread, and this cheesecake has it all; with not only a gingerbread man topping but also a wonderful warming cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice layer on top of the cream filling.

    Gingerbread cheesecake
  2. Fruity: Clementine and pomegranate cheesecake

    Give this cheesecake a seasonal spin with good-to-eat-now pomegranates and clementines. You can have fun with the topping to create a beautiful centrepiece that will wow all your guests.

    Vanilla cheesecake with clementines and pomegranate
  3. Fun: Candy cane cheesecake

    Try this full-on festive, treat-yourself peppermint cheesecake made with candy canes and peppermint extract. The whole family will love getting involved with making – and eating – this one.

    Candy cane cheesecake
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