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How to make an Arctic roll

What’s not to love about a classic Arctic roll? A thick middle of fruity ice cream wrapped in a delicious jam-covered sponge makes this the perfect summer pud to master with our easy step-by-step recipe. Don’t forget to screenshot the ingredients list at the bottom before you get started.

  1. Prepare the ice cream filling

    Scoop 400g slightly softened vanilla ice cream into a bowl and roughly mash in 100g raspberries to create a rippled effect. 

    Prepare the ice cream filling
  2. Shape the filling

    Lay out a large sheet of nonstick baking paper (about 60cm long) and spoon the ice cream lengthways down the middle of the paper to form a sausage shape. Roll the paper around the filling and twist the ends together to create a long (about 40cm) even cylinder – like a Christmas cracker. Freeze for at least 1 hr.

    Shape the filling
  3. Make the sponge

    Meanwhile, preheat the oven to gas 6, 200°C, fan 180°C. Grease and line a large Swiss roll tin (39 x 26cm) with baking paper, making sure the paper overhangs the edges of the tin. In a large bowl, whisk together 4 eggs with 120g golden caster sugar until pale and creamy. Gently fold in 120g sieved self-raising flour until fully combined. 

    Make the sponge
  4. Bake

    Pour the batter into the lined tin, tipping the tin gently to get an even layer right into the corners. Bake for 15 mins or until lightly golden and springy to the touch. 

  5. Roll and cool

    Allow the cake to cool for just a few mins, then remove from the tin and (while still warm) use the baking paper to help you roll up the sponge, starting from the longest edge. Rolling while warm should help prevent any cracking and you will end up with a long cylinder (just slightly bigger than the ice cream). Allow to cool completely.

    Roll and cool
  6. Layer with jam

    Mix together 160g strawberry conserve with the finely grated zest of 1 lemon. Unwrap the cooled sponge and trim any browned edges with a large serrated knife. Spread the conserve over the whole sponge in an even layer.

    Layer with jam
  7. Fill and freeze

    Remove the ice cream roll from the freezer and unwrap. Lay the roll down the middle of the sponge on top of the jam and re-roll the sponge around it, making sure the edges meet, enclosing the ice cream completely. Wrap the whole roll in a clean piece of nonstick baking paper and then a layer of clingfilm, pulling it tight and twisting the ends to seal again. Freeze for at least another 1 hr to firm up, or until ready to serve.

    Fill and freeze
  8. Serve

    When ready to serve, unwrap the roll and transfer to a serving board or plate with the seam underneath. Trim the ends to neaten and decorate with fresh berries, mint leaves and a dusting of icing sugar. The roll will keep (well wrapped) in the freezer for up to 1 month.

    Step By Step 2018 ArcticRoll 8

  9. Ingredients

    We've made a handy shopping list so you can make this retro classic arctic roll at home. Don't forget to write down or screenshot the ingredients before you go shopping!

    400g vanilla ice cream
    100g raspberries
    4 eggs
    120g golden caster sugar
    120g self-raising flour
    160g finest* strawberry conserve
    1 lemon, zested
    To serve:
    fresh berries
    few sprigs of fresh mint
    icing sugar, to dust

    Serves 10

    Each serving contains

    • Energy

    • Fat

      8g 11%
    • Saturates

      4g 20%
    • Sugars

      30g 33%
    • Salt

      0.3g 5%

    of the reference intake
    Carbohydrate 41.7g Protein 5.4g Fibre 1.4g