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3 ways with mini eggs

Bought a few extra packets of mini eggs this year? Make them go further with these fun mini egg recipes. From simple 2-ingredient cookies to a cake pop project, everyone will have an egg-cellent time.

  1. Mini egg chocolate orange thumbprint cookies

    Baking a batch of cookies has never been easier, than with these mini egg thumbprint cookies. We’ve used a packet of triple chocolate cookie dough and studded the cookies with chocolate orange mini eggs for a speedy, minimal-ingredient Easter treat to share.

    Mini egg chocolate orange thumbprint cookies
  2. Mini egg mint chocolate ice cream

    Making ice cream at home doesn’t need to be complicated or require lots of equipment. Bring home a taste of summer holidays and give it an Easter spin with this mini egg mint chocolate ice cream. Using condensed milk and cream for the simple ice cream base, a dash of peppermint extract and plenty of crushed mint-flavoured mini eggs, this Easter treat is packed with flavour.

    Mini egg mint chocolate ice cream
  3. Mini egg cake pops

    If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, these mini egg cake pops are a fun kitchen project to do. A packet of chocolate cake mix and a tub of frosting are quick hacks but you could make homemade if you’d rather. Tuck a mini egg in the middle of the chocolate cake mixture, then have fun dipping and decorating. We used Lindt Lindor mint chocolate mini eggs for a mint-choc twist, but you could use any leftover mini eggs!

    Mini egg cake pops
  4. And there's more...

    Room for one more? Make this Easter egg bark recipe by swirling different melted chocolates together (you could melt down a big Easter egg if you’ve got one leftover!), then scatter with mini eggs and sweets for a pretty Easter treat that is easy for kids to get involved with.

    And there's more...