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5 sizzling barbecue recipes inspired by the flavours of Japan

Gather friends and family for an outdoor feast! This collection of barbecue recipes is inspired by the flavours of Japan, from yakitori-style chicken skewers to chargrilled wasabi salmon. If the weather’s not on your side, all of these dishes can be cooked indoors.

  1. Yakitori chicken skewers

    Chicken thighs are marinated in a sticky sauce made from soy, mirin and rice vinegar and threaded on skewers with chunks of spring onion. They’re then cooked until golden and lightly charred and get a final shiny glaze from the reserved marinade. These skewers are sure to be a real crowd-pleaser!

    Yakitori chicken skewers
  2. Barbecued tofu noodle salad

    This cold noodle salad has big smoky flavours from the tofu and lots of fresh herbs to bring it all to life. It’s the perfect barbecue side dish.

    Barbecued tofu noodle salad
  3. Miso-buttered corn on the cob

    Butter gets melted down with miso paste and parsley and used to brush over tender, charred corn on the cob in this deliciously simple recipe.

    Miso-buttered corn on the cob
  4. Wasabi and soy salmon with quick-pickled cucumber

    Fiery wasabi adds a kick to salmon fillets and the soy adds saltiness in this barbecued fish recipe. These two flavours are balanced by a refreshing quick-pickled cucumber which also cuts through the richness of the salmon.

    Wasabi and soy salmon with quick-pickled cucumber
  5. Crunchy Japanese-inspired slaw

    This colourful slaw combines cucumber, cabbage, radishes and carrot and is tossed with a zingy dressing flavoured with toasted sesame oil, ginger and chilli. Squeeze over lime wedges to serve.

    Crunchy Japanese-inspired slaw