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How to make crispy pork noodles

We asked one of our favourite TikTok stars, Nigel Thompson AKA @TeawithMRT, to make our brand new crispy pork noodles recipe. Watch the video and discover tips and tricks for perfect crispy crackling, learn the easiest way to peel ginger and see the proper way to use a double peeler... we think you'll be surprised!

Fine-tune your skills and learn the techniques used to prepare the crispy pork noodles recipe with TikTok star and Tesco favourite, Nigel Thompson. In this video Nigel shares his expert tips on how to guarantee the crunchiest crackling, shows you how to deseed a chilli, create perfect vegetable ribbons and make the moreish sticky dressing.

There are lots of wonderful ways to cook the Tesco Finest ultimate salt-aged pork loin joint. You can find the full crispy pork noodles recipe here or, if you want to try something different, take a look at this British-style summery roast with braised vegetables or Spanish-style pork with a nectarine salad and saffron aioli.

If you're short on time or after a midweek treat, try this speedy pork noodles recipe, that uses pork loin steaks instead.

If you have leftovers, we've got recipes to use them up. Try our really easy but super tasty pork sandwich with a crunchy apple and fennel salad, use it in a salad inspired by a Cuban sandwich or use up any leftover herbs and salad from the crispy pork noodles in banh mi baguettes.

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