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3 ways with mini rolls

Love a chocolate mini roll? Go beyond afternoon snacks or packing them into lunchboxes and try one of our new ideas to indulge a sweet tooth – from simple skewers to a no-bake chocolate sheet cake and elegant cheat's tiramisu.

  1. Mini roll skewers

    Make your mini rolls go further with these fruity mini roll skewers, perfect for sharing round at a party. Simply slice mini rolls and layer onto skewers, alternating with marshmallows and cubes of pineapple or any fruit of your choice. A drizzle of milk chocolate is all you need to finish this 10-minute treat.

    Mini roll skewers
  2. Easy tiramisu

    Mini rolls aren't just for kids! Turn them into a super easy dinner party dessert with a cheat's tiramisu – layers of coffee-soaked mini rolls, soft mascarpone cream and a dusting of chocolate to finish. Taking just 15 mins to prepare, thse are the perfect stress-free way to impress chocoholics.

    Easy tiramisu
  3. No-bake chocolate sheet cake

    Got a sweet tooth? This no-bake chocolate sheet cake is the treat for you. Mini rolls, milk and white chocolate and marshmallows – it's got it all. Simply leave to set in the fridge then cut into squares and pack into picnics, pass round at parties or fill up a biscuit tin for afternoon treats.

    No-bake chocolate sheet cake