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3 ways with panettone

Fluffy, light and fruity, panettone – the delicious Italian sweet bread – has become as synonymous with the festive season as mince pies and Christmas pudding. Whether enjoyed with a cup of Earl Grey or a glass of mulled wine, it’s a welcome treat during the holidays whenever you like. Our trio of recipes add a fresh twist to the shop-bought variety (trust us – they’ll never know).

  1. Pear and chocolate panettone

    Is there a better pairing than chocolate and pear? We certainly don’t think so. This cut-a-corner recipe uses Tesco Finest Authentic Panettone as a blank ‘canvas’ for customising with gold shimmer-sprayed baked pears together with shards of dark chocolate to create an absolute showstopper for the table. Chopped hazelnuts on top add welcome crunch.

    Pear and chocolate panettone
  2. Fig and salted caramel panettone

    The very definition of a figgy pudding! Our surprising take on a traditional panettone uses a shop-bought boxed variety as a cloud-like vehicle for sugary figs, creamy mascarpone and salted caramel with a light dusting of icing sugar for a festive flourish. Slicing the panettone means it couldn’t be simpler to serve and share with friends and family.

    Fig and salted caramel panettone
  3. Gingerbread and orange panettone

    Gingerbread and orange go together like pigs and blankets, Christmas pudding and brandy butter, and turkey with all the trimmings. That’s why we’ve combined them in this lipsmackingly good assembly-job recipe that adds zesty orange buttercream and warming gingerbread people to Tesco Finest Authentic Panettone along with citrussy glacé icing and dusted icing sugar.

    Gingerbread and orange panettone