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3 ways with custard

Transform tinned custard into festive treats with our selection of creative recipes. Whether you’re craving something sweet for breakfast or an indulgent dessert, find inspiration here on how to use up that tin in your cupboard.

  1. Gingerbread frozen custard sundae

    Give your kids the ultimate Christmas treat with this festive sundae. Whip up in 20 minutes by combining custard with cream and condensed milk before freezing overnight. Top your custard-flavoured ice cream with slices of tinned pears, a generous drizzle of salted caramel sauce and a mini gingerbread man. It doesn’t get more merry than this.

    Gingerbread frozen custard sundae
  2. Grilled custard toast

    Fancy something different for breakfast? Our custard toast, inspired by the TikTok trend, will brighten up the gloomiest of winter mornings. Spread cinnamon-flavoured custard onto bread, then decide your toppings. Will you go for the raspberry crème brûlée topper or are you more of a spiced plum fan? Bake your toast until the bread is crisp, golden and softly set in the centre.

    Grilled custard toast
  3. Clementine, white chocolate and custard pots

    This pretty dessert tastes just as good as it looks! Made with just 5 ingredients, make this pudding pot in 15 minutes. Custard and cream are gently heated with zesty clementine and sweet white chocolate. Leave to cool overnight, then serve with a buttery shortbread finger. These are a great end to a festive dinner party.

    Clementine, white chocolate and custard pots