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3 ways with prosecco

Looking for a new way to use up that leftover bottle of prosecco? Don't let the fizz go to waste with these three simple recipes, including a luxurious salmon linguine, a twist on a classic cocktail and an elegant evening dessert.

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  1. Prosecco and pomegranate jellies

    For a bubbly end to any celebratory meal, try making these festive boozy jellies, pairing prosecco with sweet pomegranate seeds for a grown-up take on a childhood classic. Serve in champagne flutes for added elegance.

    Prosecco and pomegranate jellies
  2. Sbagliato

    Bored of bellinis? Switch it up with this sophisticated prosecco cocktail alternative. The sbagliato is a celebratory twist on a classic negroni. Simply pour Campari and vermouth into a tumbler, add ice, and top with fizz. Don't forget to garnish with a twist of orange peel.

  3. Salmon linguine with prosecco sauce

    Prosecco isn't just for drinking; it adds a sweet, dry note when used in cooking, making it the perfect addition to this simple salmon pasta recipe. For a luxurious – but light – sauce, pair the fizz with shallots, garlic and crème fraîche, then stir through the salmon and linguine. Ready in just 15 minutes, it's an easy recipe to wow guests without spending ages in the kitchen.

    Salmon linguine with prosecco sauce