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5 Korean barbecue recipes

Hot off the grill! Give your barbecue a glow-up with big ’n’ bold Korean flavours. Whether you’re cooking for meat-lovers or veggies, we have something to keep everyone wanting more.

  1. Gochujang pork shoulder steaks

    Sweet, spicy and smoky, gochujang is a staple in Korean cooking. In this recipe, pork steak shoulder steaks are marinated in gochujang, garlic and ginger then barbecued until the sauce is caramelised and the meat is tender. These juicy steaks are a great barbecue centrepiece.

    Gochujang pork shoulder steaks
  2. Salmon bulgogi

    Introduce your grill to something new. Typically made with wafer-thin strips of beef, bulgogi is a popular Korean dish with a sweet and salty soy sauce marinade. This salmon version is served with lemony pickled onions to add some zest to the fish.

    Salmon bulgogi
  3. Grilled mushrooms with ssamjang dressing

    Ssamjang is a dipping sauce that’s packed full of umami flavours. It’s made using gochujang, sesame oil and soybean paste. This rich, spicy marinade tastes great with earthy mushrooms. In this recipe, large flat mushrooms are grilled over hot coals, then coated in the thick ssamjang sauce. This tastes great with a scattering of crispy fried onions and red chilli slices, if you can handle the heat.

    Grilled mushrooms with ssamjang dressing
  4. Salad-style fresh tomato kimchi

    Different from fermented kimchi, this salad-style version is called geotjeori. Made with vine tomatoes and onion, then doused in a spicy soy dressing, this fresh side dish is a great addition to your barbecue.

    Salad-style fresh tomato kimchi
  5. Spicy carrot salad

    Cut through the heavy barbecue flavours with this zingy carrot salad that’s ready in under 10 minutes. Simply grate your carrots then combine with chilli flakes, sesame oil and garlic. Top with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds for a side salad that’s sure to end your Korean barbecue on a high note.

    Spicy carrot salad