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5 nutrient-rich food combos

When certain foods are eaten together, they enable our bodies to potentially utilise more nutrients effectively. Help to maximise your health this spring with these recipes that pair powerful food couples. From splendid side dishes, like griddled broccoli with pistachios, to easy weekday meals, such as chicken enchiladas, we have everything you need to give your health a boost.

  1. Broccoli and pistachios

    Sometimes known by its Italian name, Calabrese, broccoli can be eaten raw or cooked. This vibrant vegetable is versatile; all parts of the broccoli head can be consumed, including the florets, leaves and stalks. Use it in this delicious recipe, where griddled broccoli is paired with pistachio nuts, lemon juice and olive oil. Low in salt and rich in both vitamin C and folic acid, this recipe is packed full of goodness. Try it as a satisfying side dish or a lively light lunch.

    Broccoli and pistachios
  2. Chicken and black beans

    Looking for a high protein midweek meal? Try these easy chipotle chicken enchiladas. Tender chicken is paired with hearty tinned black beans for a Mexican dish packed full of protein and low in saturated fat. What’s more, this dinner contains 2 portions of your 5-a-day! Top with melted cheese, a dollop of lime yogurt and dig in.

    Chicken and black beans
  3. Mushrooms and goat cheese

    Did you know there are over 39 types of edible mushrooms? In this recipe, we use chestnut mushrooms for an egg-cellent omelette. Accompanied with rich goat’s cheese, this meal is rich in vitamin B12 and high in protein. Try using free-range eggs to get that gorgeous golden-coloured omelette.

    Mushrooms and goat cheese
  4. Lentils and spinach

    In need of a vitamin C boost? This feta salad is made with vitamin C-rich lentils and iron-packed spinach. Lentils are also a source of protein – over a third of the legume’s calories come from protein! Liven up your salad with a drizzle of fresh orange juice and garnish with crushed walnuts. Containing 2 portions of your 5-a-day, this salad will make you see tinned lentils in a new light.

    Lentils and spinach
  5. Carrots and sweet potatoes

    Get a hit of vitamin A with this roasted roots mash recipe. Made from carrots and sweet potatoes, this side dish contains 2 portions of your 5-a-day and is low in saturated fat. Sweet potatoes are also a source of vitamin C. Flavoured with olive oil and thyme, this nutritious dish is the perfect, healthy accompaniment to your Sunday roast.

    Carrots and sweet potatoes