1. Ice the cake

    Ice your favourite chocolate sponge sandwich cake with a thick chocolate buttercream or ganache, making sure to spread the icing over the top and sides of the cake before smoothing with a palette knife.

  2. Attach the straw

    Take a wooden skewer and push it down into the middle of your cake. Push a plastic bendy straw over the top of the skewer and into the cake to secure. 

  3. Decorate the straw

    Melt 50g of milk chocolate. Brush a little onto a Smartie or chocolate drop, then gently press the Smartie or drop onto the base of the straw.

  4. Continue to add sweets

    Work your way around the straw and upwards until you reach the bend in the straw. You may need to do this in stages to allow the chocolate to set.

  5. Decorate the rest of the cake

    Sprinkle another large handful of Smarties or chocolate drops over the top of the cake, then carefully stick individual Smarties or drops over the side of cake to create the effect that they are cascading down the front and onto the cake stand.

  6. Attach an empty sweetie bag

    Angle the top of the straw. Put a brightly coloured paper sweet bag over the bent part of the straw and secure with sticky tape.

  7. Serve and enjoy

    Serve the cake and watch your guests' faces light up! Be sure to remove the straw, skewer and bag before eating, and serve in large slices.