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3 ways with mini muffins

Make the most of our pack of spooky mini muffins and give them a Halloween makeover. From crunchy 'dirt cakes' to cute little monsters all you need is a few ingredients and a little patience...

  1. Dirt cakes

    These cute and spooky little dirt cakes are perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit. Use crushed up bourbon biscuits for the 'dirt' and fashion your own little pumpkin to place on top.

    Dirt cakes
  2. Mini monsters

    These mini monster muffins are bone-chillingly cute and make the perfect treat for Halloween. Try making them look like delicious little monsters with the help of some frosting then bring them to life with little eyes.

    Mini monsters
  3. Spiderweb cakes

    All you need is a white chocolate writing pen and chocolate frosting to make these neat and intricate spiderweb cakes. It's not as hard as it looks, just keep a steady hand and you're good to go!

    Spiderweb cakes