1. Fish finger pie

    It sounds a little bit crazy, but really works. Fish pie is a family favourite, but if you’ve got fussy kids who won’t eat unfamiliar fish, try adding fish fingers instead of the usual cod, salmon or prawns. Cook your fish fingers first, then add to a classic white sauce (stir in chives and peas for extra flavour), top with mash and bake until golden and bubbling.

  2. Fish finger croutons

    For an easy way to add some fish to simple meals, try fish finger croutons. Swap plain cubes of toast for crisp, golden fish fingers sliced and add to soup for a fun finishing touch. Cook fish fingers until crispy then slice into thirds and scatter over pea soup – think fish, chips and mushy peas!

  3. Fish finger dippers

    For a twist on nostalgic comfort food or the simplest kid’s tea, try making fish finger dippers – the perfect easy two-ingredient meal. Instead of using toast soldiers, cook fish fingers until golden and crisp before leaving them to firm up slightly, then dip them in perfectly runny soft-boiled eggs.

  4. And one for luck...

    If you've been inspired by these three fun ideas, then get in the kitchen and start experimenting with your fish fingers today! To get you started, we've got a full recipe for tasty fish fingers tacos - the perfect mix of crunchy, creamy and spicy fillings for a great family supper. Enjoy!