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3 ways with espresso martini

This Valentine’s Day, pick up a bottle of Tesco Finest Espresso Martini and go beyond a quick cocktail. This pre-mixed tipple is made with vodka and coffee liqueur – add a dash to these three easy dessert ideas for boozy twists on classics.

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  1. Espresso martini cupcakes

    Short on time? A few clever supermarket shortcuts make these cheat’s espresso martini cupcakes a breeze. Use mini double chocolate muffins as the base, soaking them in a drizzle of espresso martini. Stir a touch more alcohol into creamy vanilla frosting and top the cupcakes for a sweet treat for two.

    Espresso martini cupcakes
  2. Espresso martini affogato

    For a stylish end to a Valentine’s dinner, try this espresso martini affogato recipe. An alcoholic spin on a traditional Italian dish, this irresistible combination of hot coffee poured over smooth vanilla ice cream is an easy and elegant dessert, ready in just 10 minutes. Finish with a scattering of toasted pistachios and dig in before the ice cream melts!

    Espresso martini affogato
  3. Espresso martini fondue

    Chocolate fondue is a romantic Valentine’s Day classic but adding a dash of espresso martini liqueur takes it up a notch. This rich espresso martini fondue uses a combination of coffee, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and a swirl of espresso martini for a boozy update on the traditional recipe. Melt it all together and then get dipping – we’ve gone for crunchy amaretti biscuits, raspberries and juicy mango – but gather your favourite selection of biscuits, fresh fruit, marshmallows or even mini doughnuts for extra indulgence.

    Espresso martini fondue