1. Roasted veg and pesto with gnocchi

    This vegetarian traybake recipe makes a great family dinner if you're on a budget. All the ingredients, including gnocchi pasta, are mixed up then roasted together for ease - just finish with a generous dollop of pesto to bring the dish to life. 

  2. Spiced cauliflower pilaf

    For just £4, you can plate up this fragrant veggie pilaf for the whole family. Made with crunchy cauliflower rice, this hearty supper is packed with veg and aromatic coriander, then topped with a fried egg for good measure. 

  3. Sausage and root veg traybake

    Bangers and mash tasting a bit bland? Revolutionise a British classic by swapping potatoes for root veg, slicing up your sausages and slathering in fragrant pesto before roasting – all for just £4 for a budget-friendly traybake.

  4. Meatball gratin

    Cook cosy comfort food for just £4 with this hearty meatball gratin. Juicy meatballs and sweet tomato sauce are topped with melting mozzarella and herby breadcrumbs for a delicious meal for all the family.

  5. Chicken enchiladas

    Roll up a hearty Mexican dinner with this easy recipe for sauce-smothered chicken enchiladas. Filled with a smoky paprika chicken, bean and sweetcorn mix, the tortiall wraps are covered in tomato sauce and cheese, then baked until the gooey and golden on top. All for under £1 a serving.

  6. Chicken orzo one-pot

    One-pot meals are the secret to stress-free family cooking - and this bargain recipe means you can feed the family for just £4! Serve up succulent chicken thighs and a colourful, herby orzo broth filled with broccoli, carrots and celery for a delicious meal-in-one. 

  7. Veggie courgette lasagne

    Feed the whole family for £4 with this impressive zero-pasta lasagne. Ribbons of courgette are rolled up with an extra-creamy sweet potato and ricotta filling then baked in a rich tomato sauce with melting mozzarella for a fun veggie twist on a family classic.

  8. Sticky Indian hot dogs

    Feed the whole family for £4 with this brilliant budget meal. Hot dogs are given an Indian-spin with mango chutney and spicy tikka paste, creating a delicious sticky-sweet glaze. Serve with tangy lime pickle and caramelised onions.

  9. Creamy sausage pasta

    Use sausages to make pork meatballs for this easy pasta dish with kale, peas and a creamy cheese sauce - a hearty dinner the whole family will love, for less than £4!

  10. Vegan tamale pie

    Cooking a deliciously hearty vegan dinner on a budget is easy with this veg-packed tamale pie recipe. For only £4 you can cook up this spiced bean stew topped with vibrant yellow cornbread for a satisfying meal full of Mexican flavours.

  11. Vegan spaghetti bolognese

    You won't miss the meat in this vegan version of a family favourite that costs just £4 for 4 generous servings. A rich tomato sauce, bursting with flavour and packed with hearty veg and pulses, is simmered for 50 minutes for a traditional Bolognese taste - perfect for a plant-based dinner that won't break the bank.