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Give February's menu added vibrancy with this bright and flavoursome ingredient. Red cabbage is wonderfully versatile and can be enjoyed simply shredded, made into a crunchy slaw, or lightly pickled and added to wraps and salads.

This tightly-packed red-purple brassica has a crisp, peppery flavour. Keep the colour locked in during cooking by adding a dash of vinegar. Red cabbage is delicious raw. Shred it before adding to salads and slaws.

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Whether raw or cooked, celeriac adds a nutty, subtle-yet-sweet flavour to many a dish. Cut off the knobbly skin with a sharp knife to reveal crisp, white flesh. Chop into chips to roast in the oven, or use in soups or risottos. It's also delicious in a remoulade – simply grate and toss with mayo, mustard and lemon juice. Celeriac can be kept for several weeks, even after cutting – just shave off a layer to refresh it.

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Peruvian mango

Enjoy this sweet tropical fruit in salads, stir-fries, puddings and drinks. To test for ripeness, gently squeeze at each end – if it 'gives' a little, it's ready. A ripe mango will keep well, chilled, for up to four days. Serve at room temperature. To dice, slice off the cheeks (the fleshy sides), then score the flesh in a diamond pattern being careful not to pierce the skin. Scoop out the cubes with a spoon.

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Savoy cabbage

This vivid green brassica has a deliciously nutty flavour. Choose cabbages that feel firm and heavy for their size, with tightly packed, crinkled leaves. Savoy is a great addition to many savoury dishes, from stir-fries to stews. Simply discard any damaged outer leaves, then quarter and remove the hard central core before slicing. Store your cabbage in a cool, dry and dark place for up to one week.

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New potatoes

Cypriot potatoes

With their creamy, earthy flavour, Cypriot spuds are a great all-rounder. The mineral-rich, red Mediterranean soil in which they grow gives Cypriot potatoes their distinctive skin. Simply boil with butter and mint to make the most of their taste. They're also brilliant roasted or chipped. For a traditional Cypriot dish, peel and quarter, then roast in a moderate oven with olive oil, dried oregano, lemon juice and a splash of water to help them steam as they cook.

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Originally from Iran, this jewelled fruit is now grown across the Middle East, Africa, India and the US. Beneath the hard, pink skin lie clusters of juicy, ruby-red seeds. Sweet yet sharp, they're perfect for jazzing up salads, cocktails and desserts. To extract the seeds cut the fruit in half and, holding it over a bowl firmly tap the skin with a wooden spoon – the seeds will fall out. To juice, roll the pomegranate on your work surface to loosen the flesh, then halve the fruit and squeeze into a sieve set over a bowl (The juice can stain, so be careful of spills).

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One of the most popular fish in the UK, haddock is a flaky white fish that can be enjoyed fresh or smoked. Loaded with protein and vitamin B, this versatile fish works well in soups and chowders, fish pies, kedgeree or served classically with chips and mushy peas.

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