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Eight sharing plates for an Easter get-together

Celebrate Easter in style with these scrumptious sharing plates. From the ultimate roast leg of lamb to a zesty pud with serious wow-factor, here are eight Easter recipes that will guarantee a delicious, family get-together.

  1. Crowd-pleasing canapes

    When feeding a large group it helps to have a few easy assembly dishes up your sleeve. These colourful beetroot cups make an impressive nibble, but are super simple to make, using readymade pastry. Put them together at the last minute or make ahead of time and chill.

    Crowd-pleasing canapes
  2. The starter platter

    Zesty and fresh, this cheat’s version of gravadlax uses a mix of crushed fennel seeds, lemon, orange and dill to dress smoked salmon and fennel. Serve on a large platter, with rye bread, cornichons and soured cream, and let people help themselves.

    The starter platter
  3. Easter lamb

    A traditional Easter spread wouldn’t be complete without a meltingly tender, roasted leg of lamb. With a punchily flavoured anchovy and watercress stuffing this version is spring on a plate. Pair it with potatoes or a seasonal salad (see below) and you’ve got a feast for the whole family.

    Easter lamb
  4. A zesty pud

    Bright and breezy (and lemon squeezy), this citrus-packed lemon meringue brûlée tart makes a special sharing dessert. The light pastry base has grated orange in the dough to complement the gorgeous zesty lemon tart filling. And caramelized, mini, ready-made meringues make this a spring dessert that deserves top spot on your table.

    A zesty pud
  5. Tear and share

    A kind of cheat’s fondue, this cheesy bread recipe is perfect for feeding a crowd. A whole Camembert is placed in a hollowed out sourdough loaf, which acts as a bowl. Baked with thyme and garlic, and finished with a drizzle of honey, this is a rich and delicious accompaniment to any spring menu.

    Tear and share
  6. Circle of love

    Perfect for big gatherings, and wrapped in golden pastry, this show-stopping lamb wreath is filled with a mix of spiced lamb mince and chopped spring greens. An alternative centerpiece for your Easter table, serve on a board, then cut slices for guests and serve with minty yogurt.

    Circle of love
  7. Go green

    Try a delicious spring salad of Little Gem lettuce, watercress, peas, sugar snaps and radishes that’s perked up with a lemon and mustard dressing and fresh mint leaves. 

    Go green
  8. The chocolate hit

    With swirls of milk and white chocolate and topped with pastel-coloured chocolate eggs, this Easter bark is a stunning sweet treat. Serve in the centre of the table and give people spoons so they can get cracking.

    The chocolate hit