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'Super bowl' soups

Soup is the underrated star of winter cooking – the perfect hearty and filling comfort food for cold, dark evenings. These super soups are packed with vegetables and spices to power you through the cold weather. From spicy Malaysian prawn laksa to a nourishing chicken bone broth, there’s a recipe for everyone.

  1. Easy noodles

    Taking inspiration from Japan, a homemade chicken ramen is a simple soup that packs a punch of umami flavours. Slurp up the rich, savoury broth with a spoon, or brave some chopsticks to pull out the soft noodles, meat and veg. Ramen is also simpler to make than you might think, as our video recipe for a speedy steak ramen shows – why not give it a go tonight?

  2. Taste of Malaysia

    Bring some sunshine into the kitchen and be transported to warmer climes with this Malaysian prawn and courgette laksa. Creamy coconut perfectly balances the heat from the spicy curry paste base and, at under 500 calories a serving, it makes a great recipe to add into your regular rotation. 

    Taste of Malaysia
  3. Use your slow cooker

    Slow cookers are great for taking the stress out of a busy day, keeping your dinner bubbling away gently while you get on with everything else. This smoked ham and lentil soup simmers for 8 hours, packing the soup with flavour and ensuring perfectly tender meat and veg. It's also a good way of cooking a gammon joint, as an alternative to roasting.

    Use your slow cooker
  4. Stretch your shop

    When the fridge is looking a biit empty, homemade soups are a great way of stretching out a few more meals before you need to go shopping. A classic Indian-style dhal could be served as a soup or vegan curry, and can be made simply with split peas, spices and water. Likewise, this spicy Turkish soup is thickened with bulgur wheat and red lentils. As a top tip for getting extra flavour into these simple ingredients, both have a garlic oil or spiced butter stirred through at the end. 

    Stretch your shop
  5. Soup for the soul

    Chicken soup is the classic comfort food to reach for when feeling under the weather. This warming bone broth takes a while to cook but is definitely worth the wait and involves minimum hands-on effort. A whole chicken is simmered for over 6 hours to get as much flavour into the broth as possible, then topped with spicy chillies and fragrant coriander to serve.

    Soup for the soul
  6. Family favourite

    Minestrone is the recipe to make when you’ve got lots of veg to use up, and this chunky minestrone is sure to be a family favourite. Along with the veg base of onion, carrot, celery, chopped tomatoes and tinned cannellini beans, there's added kale and fluffy gnocchi dumplings, which soak up the rich flavour of the soup and transform it into proper hearty comfort food.

    Family favourite
  7. Cheerful colour

    When the weather outside is grey, it’s time to inject some colour into your meals. This twist on a classic carrot soup uses turmeric to add heat and boost the brilliant orange shade for the ultimate cheery soup to curl up with on a drizzly day. 

    Cheerful colour
  8. Try something new

    If soups are already part of your regular meal plan, why not experiment with something different? Try adding sweet fruits, crunchy nuts or seeds and punchy cheeses, such as in this pear and broccoli soup which is topped with tart cranberries, walnuts and crumbled blue cheese, for an interesting mix of flavours and textures. 

    Try something new
  9. Have a fiesta

    Soup may not seem like a natural go-to when you are cooking for friends, but a big batch recipe is the easiest way to feed a crowd and you can pile bowls high with tasty toppings. Take inspiration from Mexico with this smokin' chilli 'non' carne soup from Jamie Oliver which is served with crunchy tortillas, cooling yogurt and grated cheese for a total feast. 

    Have a fiesta
  10. The perfect blend

    Blitzing together a mix of veg may not seem that exciting, but a bowl of creamy veg soup is perfect for a midweek supper. This spiced veg soup has a colourful medley of butternut squash, carrots, parsnips and tomatoes with the subtle spices of cumin and paprika. Add as much chilli as you like or cool it down with dollop of crème fraîche.

    The perfect blend