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Your guide to chocolate

Check out our guide to chocolate to find out more about six of our delicious chocolate bars that are perfect for eating, baking and more, from dark chocolate flavoured with refreshing mint or zesty orange, to classic creamy milk chocolate or super rich dark chocolate.

  1. Silky milk chocolate

    Creamy whole milk and cocoa butter are added to 32% cocoa solids to create this rich, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with hints of vanilla and malt. Its delicate flavour makes it better for enjoying as it is, rather than for cooking.

    silky smoothShop for Silky Milk Chocolate here.

  2. Classic dark chocolate

    This bar is made with 74% cocoa solids for a gentler, more velvety flavour than darker chocolate. Rich and slightly woody, it's a great all-rounder for cooking or eating. Use it for the ganache to top our Triple chocolate cake.

    classic darkShop for Classic Dark Chocolate here.

  3. Intense dark chocolate

    The higher the percentage of cocoa solids, the stronger the chocolate flavour, and this bar is 85% for a deep, earthy flavour with dry, fruity notes. It works well in baking or paired with sweet flavours, and melts well too.

    intense darkShop for Intense Dark Chocolate here.

  4. Rich coffee milk chocolate

    Coffee extract is blended with 32% cocoa solids and milk for a bar with a silky, mocha-esque flavour. Try grating over tiramisu for an extra-rich finish.

    rich coffeeShop for Rich Coffee Milk Chocolate here.

  5. Zesty orange dark chocolate

    Its 52% cocoa solids are lifted by citrussy orange oil to give a velvety chocolate with slightly floral notes. Add to your favourite brownie recipe for a citrus twist.

    zesty orangeShop for Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate here.

  6. Refreshing mint dark chocolate

    Mint oil is blended with 52% cocoa solids for a bold and fresh bar. Try using to make after-dinner truffles. Follow the ganache instructions for our Triple chocolate cake, using a ratio of 50ml cream to 100g chocolate.

    refreshing mintShop for Refreshing Mint Dark Chocolate here.