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Easy Easter chick recipe

Easy Easter chick recipe

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Looking for a way to keep the kids occupied this Easter? Set up an edible craft station and make these easy Easter chicks using large chocolate Easter eggs. Gather a selection of your favourite sweets, let your imagination go wild and create your own adorable creation! See method

  • Makes 1 chick
  • 15 mins to prepare


  • 1 Easter egg
  • 50g milk chocolate, melted
  • 1 x bag flying saucers sweets
  • 1 x bag chocolate buttons
  • Assorted sweets, to decorate


  1. Use dots of melted chocolate to attach 2 flying saucer sweets the base of the egg for the feet. Attach 2 more flying saucers on either side of the egg for wings.
  2. For the beak, use a dot of chocolate to attach a jelly tot to the centre of the egg.
  3. For the eyes, use dots of chocolate to attach 2 chocolate buttons, fried egg sweets (yolk side down) or love heart sweets.
  4. Finally, for the comb on top of the chick’s head, cut about one-third of a strawberry lace and secure with a little of the melted chocolate. Repeat to make a row of 3. Allow to set for 10 mins before moving

Tip: you can use any sweets you have to decorate your egg – choose your favourites and get experimenting! Large chocolate buttons make good wings, use fruit pastilles and different shapes of gummy sweets, or use fondant icing to make more intricate designs.

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