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Kitchen essentials: All you need to cook a great roast

From a big family get-together to a comforting midweek meal, you can’t beat a roast, and while the prep can be a little more involved than the average meal, equip yourself with the right kitchen tools and cooking equipment, and preparing a roast could be as much of a joy as eating it. Here’s our round-up of the essential kit for your joints, veggie bakes, sides and sauces, then take a look at our Sunday roast recipes for inspiration, and remember that there’s no need to wait ’til Sunday!

A good kitchen utensil set will make roast prep a breeze

Look for kitchen tools with extra features

Peeling and chopping veggies is often the most time-consuming part of preparing a roast, so make it speedier with a multi-purpose peeler. This Go Cook Duo Peeler has dual stainless-steel blades and a helpful pointed tip to remove potato eyes. The soft touch handle provides a comfortable grip and, what’s more, it comes with a 5-year guarantee. You’ll need a sturdy surface for chopping, peeling and slicing and this stylish Go Cook Acacia Marble Paddle Board 30cm has a user-friendly handle to make transporting your chopped ingredients quick and easy. You'll need to hand-wash this board to preserve the wood, but it also comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Go Cook oven gloves 1400x919

Good quality saucepans will work hard for your roast

Aluminium conducts heat quickly for parboiling veg and prepping sauces

When it comes to cooking vegetables or preparing a veg mash, a saucepan or two are true kitchen essentials for any cook. Go large for family-sized roasts and choose nonstick if you’re going to use the pans for gravy and sauces. The Go Cook Aluminium Marble Saucepan 20cm is made from lightweight but durable aluminium with a premium nonstick coating, and has a handy spout for decanting your gravy. It comes with a reassuring 20-year guarantee and you can pop it in the dishwasher after use. If you’re regularly cooking for more than 4-6 people, consider investing in a larger stockpot. This Go Cook 80% Recycled 22cm Stockpot has an impressive 5L capacity, is made from 80% recycled aluminium and also comes with a 20-year guarantee. The dual handles make it easier to tip and pour heavy contents, just make sure you have a double oven glove to hand, too.

A reliable roasting pan will make cooking easier and more enjoyable

Consider weight, material, coating and guarantee

We’ve all got that old roaster lurking in the kitchen cupboard that’s seen better days. It can cook a fair roast, but it may be a bit tricky to clean. Sound familiar? The good news is you don’t need to spend a fortune to get quality kitchen essentials like roasting pans. Steel roasting pans can be very heavy to carry around, making them impractical for some cooks, but aluminium tends to be more lightweight, distributes heat evenly and is still hardwearing. The Go Cook Marble Medium Roaster is made from aluminium, with a premium double layer of nonstick coating to make clean-up easier. It’s deep enough to cook a medium-sized joint such as this Pomegranate-glazed beef recipe and catch all the juices, plus it gets bonus points for being dishwasher safe and having a 10-year guarantee. Good to know that if you’re cooking something substantial such as this Roast pork with crackling recipe or a veggie roast for a crowd, there’s a large roaster in the same range.

Shallow roasting trays will help you create perfect roasties

A set can be cost effective and cater for different roasts and occasions

While deep roasting pans are great for joints, an oven tray is an excellent piece of cooking equipment for making crispy roast potatoes and other roasted veg. Shallower trays also make it easier to turn food, although good utensils here are also key. The Go Cook range includes a handy set of two Marble oven trays, one in medium, one in large, that come with the same premium nonstick coating as the roaster, along with the 10-year guarantee. To turn and serve your veg, a simple turner and solid spoon are staples of your kitchen utensils set and the Go Cook Nylon range is dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 200°C and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Use multipurpose cooking kit for super sides and sauces

Go for nonstick cooking equipment when you’re multitasking

Making your own Yorkshire puddings needn’t be daunting if you have a tried-and-tested recipe up your sleeve, as well as a decent muffin tray. The Go Cook Marble 12-cup Muffin Tray is ideal if you like individual Yorkies and includes the same premium nonstick coating as the rest of the Metal Bakeware range, so will be forgiving on your bakes.

For gravy and sauces, there’s no need to buy separate saucepans from the ones you use to cook veg, but a smaller saucepan can be useful for bread sauce. To prepare veggie gravy, use a large nonstick saucepan and for meat gravies, just whisk in any resting juices from your joint before serving. Have a read of more expert tips on making the perfect roast and if you like the idea of presenting your roast on a stylish wooden board, as we’ve done with our roast chicken, you don’t have to buy vintage – this Go Cook Acacia Distressed Board looks the part and has a neat handle to carry the food from kitchen to table. Bon appétit!

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