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All you need for the best vegetarian roast dinner

Vegetarian roast dinners can be so much more than a nut roast. Our collection of veggie recipes is designed to inspire a Sunday lunch that meat eaters and vegetarians alike will devour – from flavour-packed centrepieces like mushroom strudel and hasselback courgette bake, to side dishes that go way beyond just boiling. Enjoy your new-look vegetarian roast dinner.

  1. Hasselback courgette bake

    This vegan main course is rich and smoky. Chopping the courgettes into hasselbacks allows the vegetables to soak up maximum flavour from the harissa paste and cumin marinade. They are laid on a bed of borlotti beans, tomato and harissa sauce and baked before adding a crunchy breadcrumb topping.

    Hasselback courgette bake
  2. Whole roasted cauliflower with garlic and paprika

    Turn the humble cauliflower into an impressive main by roasting it whole, smothering it in smoky paprika butter and topping with herby breadcrumbs. Cooking it like this allows for a lovely roasted exterior, beautifully seasoned florets and an al dente interior. No mushy vegetables in sight.

    Whole roasted cauliflower with garlic and paprika
  3. Mushroom, pepper and pesto strudel

    Crunchy, flaky pastry on the outside, rich mushrooms and sweet peppers with zingy pesto on the inside, this strudel is a flavour sensation. You can even get ahead and make the filling up to two days ahead, so all you need to do on Sunday is roll it up and wait for it to crisp up in the oven.

    Mushroom, pepper and pesto strudel
  4. Leek, squash and parsley crumble

    Crumble lovers will adore this savoury version, combining leeks and squash, and topped with a parsley crumble topping. Creamy with a hint of mustard, it’s sure to be a winner at your vegetarian roast. This would go really well with simply wilted spinach.

    Leek, squash and parsley crumble
  5. Herby, skin-on mashed potato

    Roast potatoes are the obvious choice for a roast dinner, but there’s so much potential to add different flavours to mash, and it’s great for soaking up gravy! This recipe is flavoured with thyme and basil, with skin on for extra texture.

    Herby, skin-on mashed potato
  6. Stir-fried greens with toasted seeds

    An easy way to prevent overcooking veg is to stir-fry them. This stir-fried greens recipe combines seeds and garlic with fresh greens, before finishing with lemon zest to bring out all the fresh flavours.

    Stir-fried greens with toasted seeds
  7. Herby carrots

    You can use any herbs that you have to make these herby carrots – why not try any combination of parsley, mint, sage, chives and dill? In this version they are roasted whole in baking paper to lock in the flavours of bay, garlic and butter. The natural sweetness of the carrots goes perfectly with savoury bay and garlic.

    Herby carrots
  8. Miso and honey baked parsnips

    If you thought honey roast parsnips were good, you need to try this recipe, which combines honey with sesame and miso. So not only have you got sweet, sticky parsnips, but you’ve got nuttiness from the sesame and an umami flavour from the miso. Spring onions are added at the end for a little crunch and mild sweetness.

    Miso and honey baked parsnips
  9. Onion gravy

    You don’t need meat juices to make a deep and rich gravy. This onion gravy uses lots of red onions, rather than white onions, to create a sweeter gravy – perfect for pairing with savoury dishes. The key is cooking the onions low and slow for at least 25 minutes until caramelised.

    Onion gravy
  10. Mint sauce

    The classic sauce with lamb definitely has a place at the vegetarian roast dinner table. This mint sauce recipe uses just four ingredients – fresh mint, vinegar, sugar and salt – and adds a freshness to rich dishes. Try it with buttery roast vegetables or mix with yogurt to make a cooling dressing to heavily spiced dishes.

    Mint sauce