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Kitchen essentials: Baking tools you need in your kitchen

They say a good workman never blames his tools, but we think when it comes to baking, the opposite is true! Arm yourself with the right baking utensils and equipment and you’ll be able to achieve great results with your bakes, whatever recipe you’re trying. So, whether you’re a complete beginner or a more experienced baker, take a look at our must-have kitchen essentials that will make your baking easier and more enjoyable.

A good springform cake tin is your baking best friend

The removable bottom and sides can keep your bakes perfectly intact once cooked

Every baker should have this clever tin in their armoury to make light work of removing creations once out of the oven, whether that’s a cake (usually those that are slightly deeper), a cheesecake or a frozen dessert. What should you look for in a good springform tin? Choose a heavy-duty one that will stand the test of time – this Go Cook Marble Round Springform 23cm Cake Tin, part of the metal bakeware range, is made from heavy gauge carbon steel and comes with a 10-year guarantee. It’s coated with a double layer of nonstick marble effect coating to make baking and cleaning super easy – it’s dishwasher safe, too.

A sandwich tin (or two) can create timeless classics with ease

Bake cakes evenly and symmetrically with shallow cake tins

Whether you love a classic Victoria sponge or are planning to bake a birthday cake, sandwich tins will make the job so much simpler, particularly for the novice baker. Again, look for a durable, easy-to clean material – in the same range as the springform tin, above, there’s a Go Cook Marble Round Sandwich Cake Tin 22cm, which is oven safe up to 230°C, but dishwasher-friendly, too. Even with double-coated nonstick bakeware, it’s wise to line your tin or tins before baking to ensure a clean removal.

Every baker needs a sturdy loaf tin in their life!

A loaf tin can create so many popular bakes, from lemon drizzle to banana bread

Once you own a trusty loaf tin, you will wonder how you managed without one. The perfect shape for lemon drizzle, banana bread or a new flavour twist, it’s ideal for beginners who want to try their hand at simple recipes and makes perfect slices for kids’ lunchboxes or on-the-go snacks. Look for a hardwearing material that will bake evenly, with a good nonstick coating, such as the Go Cook Marble Loaf Tin 23cm.

Go Cook Marble Range 1400x919

We particularly like the handled rim to transfer it into and out of the oven easily. If you prefer individual bakes to loaves, add a muffin tray to your collection – the Go Cook Marble 12 Cup Muffin Tray is part of the same range with a similar wide-handled rim. Despite this clever feature, it’s still important to have a good oven glove to protect your hands when using the oven. This Go Cook Herringbone Double Oven Glove is made sustainably and machine washable.

Go Cook oven gloves 1400x919

Electric whisks are speedy, but a handheld one is so handy for baking

A balloon whisk is a real multitasker for mixing, aerating and folding

A handheld balloon whisk is an essential part of your kitchen utensil set, but it really comes into its own for baking, whether you’re whisking egg whites for meringue recipes or whipping cream or folding in flour. Kitchen tools made from stainless steel, if well looked after, will last for years without the rust or corrosion that can affect other metals. This Go Cook Stainless Steel Whisk combines the best of both worlds – a durable stainless-steel whisk with a soft-touch handle for a comfortable grip, it comes with a five-year guarantee. As well as top tools, there are plenty of little tricks you can learn to make your bakes turn out well even if there are some mishaps along the way!

The star of your kitchen utensils set: the silicone spatula

A silicone spatula can scrape, skim and smooth like no other

How did bakers manage before the invention of the silicone spatula? It’s a question we’re often pondering! Super bendy to expertly scrape out every last bit of cake mixture, icing or sauce from a bowl, this handy tool is also brilliant for smoothing icing, buttercream or just about anything in your baking. This Go Cook Grey Acacia Silicone Spatula is heat resistant up to 200°C and comes with a good-looking, comfy acacia handle. There are other acacia and silicone utensils in the range, including a Spoonula – a cross between a spoon and a spatula – genius! All come with a five-year guarantee.

The simple sieve is a must-have for any kitchen, but brilliant for baking

A hardworking sieve will help your baking run smoothly

Having a good-quality sieve in your kitchen utensils set is a tried-and-tested way to elevate your bakes and help you create beautiful finishes. Sift flour or icing sugar for smoother consistencies in batters and sauces or add finesse to finishing touches with delicately sieved cocoa and icing sugar. Again, stainless steel is the material of choice, and this Go Cook Acacia Stainless Steel Sieve has a 20cm diameter, comes with an acacia handle and five-year guarantee. We have plenty of easy ideas for making your bakes more decorative, whether it’s a simple finishing touch or a showstopper-worthy effect.

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