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3 chocolate edible gift recipes for Christmas

Looking for festive gifting inspiration? These easy chocolate treats can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge until the special day. Whether it's the winning combination of chocolate and salted caramel, no-bake vegan peanut butter and chocolate bars or a classic tiffin truffle finished with icing sugar, there's sure to be something for everyone.

  1. Chocolate and salted caramel bites

    A festive hack to create deliciously rich and salty chocolate bites. Simply combine dark chocolate and cream and pour into an ice cube tray, add a little salted caramel and top with more melted chocolate. The fridge will do the rest! When you're ready to serve, pop the chocolate bites out from the tray. For added Christmas magic, sprinkle with edible gold glitter.

    Chocolate and salted caramel bites
  2. Tiffin truffles

    Composed of crushed shortbread, butter, cream, raisins and milk chocolate, these tiffin truffles are finished with a festive sprinkling of icing sugar. Serve them up with hot chocolate for a decadent afternoon treat.

    Tiffin truffles
  3. Peanut squares

    These decadent bite-size peanut treats combine peanut butter, maple syrup and coconut flour before being coated in melted dark chocolate. Top with a few salted peanuts for extra crunch, then wrap up in baking paper and festive string for top marks on presentation.

    Peanut squares