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4 tins of baked beans, 4 family meals

Make the most of a much-loved storecupboard staple with these easy, comforting and filling family meals all made with a tin of Heinz Beanz. Every veg-packed recipe includes savvy shortcuts, such as frozen vegetables, or uses ingredients you might already have in the cupboard.

  1. Cowboy beans

    Behold the beautiful smoky barbecue flavours in this wonderful one-pot recipe with sausages, baked beans, peppers, onion and garlic. Crusty bread is optional, but we recommend it so you can mop up the delicious sauce.

    Cowboy beans
  2. Bean and beef ragu

    Top hot, golden jacket potatoes with this veg-packed ragu made using chopped frozen veggies to save time. Baked beans are a handy way to bulk out the meat and make the meal stretch further. Plus, it’s a brilliant batch-cook recipe so you can freeze leftovers for another day.

    Bean and beef ragu
  3. Bangers and beans bake

    We know how to level up a sausage and bean casserole… use a tin of baked beans and add a crunchy garlic bread topping. It’s all made using just one pot, so there’s an added bonus of less washing up.

    Bangers and beans bake
  4. Loaded sweet potato skins

    Try something new: use sweet potatoes instead of regular spuds in this loaded skins recipe. The potatoes are baked, then the flesh is scooped out and mixed with baked beans, red onion, pepper, coriander and cheese before baking in the skins until golden.

    Loaded sweet potato skins
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