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5 ways with Christmas ham

You’ll never regret adding a large ham or gammon joint to your Christmas food shopping list. Whether you’re serving it on Christmas Day or as part of a Boxing Day buffet, it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Still have some left over? Here are five ways to ensure you enjoy every last mouthful.

  1. To start

    First things first, you need to serve up a delicious cooked joint. Follow this easy step-by-step how to cook a festive gammon recipe for a classic roast, or have a look at these top ham and gammon recipes for more inspiration. You can ring the changes with sticky glazes, fruity twists and spicy marinades that mean every year there's something new.

    And now for those tasty leftovers...

    To start
  2. Go Italian

    If comfort food is what you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with adding ham to a pasta dish. Simply rustle up a large bowl of your favourite variety, or go for full-on food satisfaction by popping this creamy ham and leek mac and cheese in the oven.

    Go Italian
  3. Liven up sarnies

    Never mind leftover turkey sarnies, a good ham sandwich is equally as tasty. Carve thin slices of the cold ham and layer with whatever fillings or trimming take your fancy, classic cheese and mustard, festive cranberry sauce and stuffing, or try a spicy twist with this ham, Brie and chilli jam focaccia

    Liven up sarnies
  4. Just add eggs

    Ham and eggs are a great combo, and inviting everyone around for brunch to use up your leftovers is a brilliant idea. This croque madam oozing with gooey cheese, can be whipped up in a super-quick 15 minutes.

    Just add eggs
  5. Add to soup

    After stuffing yourself with indulgent food over the festivities, you might fancy something a bit less rich. Shredding ham and adding it to soup really adds to the flavour. This classic pea and ham soup with crispy onions is just one delicious recipe that makes the most of any little bits of ham that need using up.

    Add to soup
  6. Top a pizza

    If you’re looking for a speedy recipe, then using leftover ham as a pizza topping is ideal and something everyone will love. Plus, the kids can even help you by shredding it up and popping it on top. Ham and pineapple is a classic but can be controversial, so have a look at these 10 perfect pizza recipes for some more ideas that you can add a few bits of extra ham to.

    Top a pizza