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Bakes to make during the ad break

Make the most of your night in front of the telly with these speedy and nostalgic desserts. Whip up these time-saving sweet saviours during the ad breaks of your must-see TV shows.

  1. Vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches

    For a speedy and indulgent vegan dessert, try these mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Wicked Kitchen mint chocolate chip vegan ice cream sandwiched between two double chocolate cookies, this is the perfect sofa snack for a night in front of the TV.

    Vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches
  2. Citrus fool

    This citrus fool recipe takes just five minutes. With creamy Greek yoghurt, citrussy grapefruit and fresh mint, this delicious dessert will become your new favourite TV snack.

    Citrus fool
  3. Chocolate and banana flatbreads

    Make these chocolate and banana flatbreads during a five-minute TV ad break. Grilled flatbreads stuffed with hazelnut chocolate spread, sliced banana and generous handful of hazelnuts, this speedy dessert is both tasty and healthy.

    Chocolate and banana flatbreads