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Build the ultimate burger for Father's Day

Pick your patty and load it up with our fun sauces and toppings to build your ultimate bun. Get the gang together to build their favourite towering burgers for Father’s Day – a proper treat to celebrate the king of the grill.

  1. Choose your patty

    Pull out all the stops with our Finest British Beef Quarter Pounders. This luxury beef burger tastes great with Maple Cured Streaky Bacon for a classic burger combination – don’t forget the cheese!

    Looking for a plant-based option? These No-Pork and Choriz-no Patties are a meat-free marvel. Accompanied by our griddled avocado and pineapple salsa (see below), this makes a spicy, flavour-packed bun.

    Try something a little different with these Lemon and Herb Salmon Burgers. Zingy and vibrant, this burger is the perfect partner for the fresh summer flavours of cucumber slices and sweet chilli coleslaw (see below).

    Burger tip #1: Remember to choose a bun that’s sturdy enough to hold your filling. Try ciabatta or wholemeal rolls.

    Choose your patty
  2. Top burger toppers

    Supercharge your burger with these quick, easy accompaniments.

    No bun is complete without a classic burger sauce. Made with gherkins, ketchup and mustard, this easy sauce tastes particularly good with a classic beef burger. Try adding a dash of sriracha for a little kick of heat.

    Top burger toppers

    Bring some serious flavour to your bun with our griddled avocado and pineapple salsa. Grill tinned pineapple chunks with chilli and lime, then mix with avocado and fresh coriander. Tangy, zesty and fiery, this salsa is sure to go down a treat. You can swap the pineapple for grilled mango or melon, if you prefer.

    Top burger toppers

    Give your burger a glow-up with our sweet ’n’ crunchy slaw. Red cabbage, carrots and spring onion are flavoured with fresh orange juice, mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce. Try this inside your bun or on the side.

    There are two condiments that no burger bar should be without: our Cola Ketchup and our Kansas Style BBQ sauce. You’ll be sure to keep everyone happy with these on the table.

    Burger tip #2: If assembling multiple burgers, prevent the buns getting soggy from juices and sauces by adding crisp lettuce to the base.

    Top burger toppers
  3. Cheese is essential

    It’s no secret that cheese is an absolute must in any burger.

    If you’re feeling fiery, our Monterey Jack Maple BBQ Flavour Burger Melts are just the ticket. More of a Stilton fan? Try these Blue Stilton Burger Melts – they’ll melt perfectly onto your patty.

    Looking to load up your plant-based burger? These Smoked Gouda Style Slices are vegan! Try melting them onto vegetables, like red peppers, as a vibrant barbecue side.

    Burger tip #3: Melt your slice of cheese on top of the burger patty as it finishes cooking. If you have a lidded BBQ, close the lid to help it melt fast while keeping the burger juicy.

    Burger tip #4: To stop your towering creation from tumbling over, a cocktail stick pushed into the centre will secure it, and keep it looking pretty fab too!

    Find more inspiration by taking our ultimate burger quiz to find your perfect flavour combo.

    Cheese is essential