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Cook once, eat twice: Winter

Try our clever double-up dishes. With these recipes, you can make the most of the ingredients in your kitchen and get two meals out of one that the whole family will enjoy.

  1. Lentil and beef meatloaf

    If you've never tried making your own meatloaf, this simple, tasty recipe is a good place to start. Using lean steak mince and red lentils, it's healthy too and there's even leftovers to create this spicy beef and lentil spaghetti.

  2. Porchetta-style roast pork

    Try something new for your Sunday roast with our Italian version, featuring tender rosemary porchetta and oregano roasties. Transform the leftovers into a pork ragu to enjoy the next day. Name a better way to eat this winter.

  3. Beef brisket ragu

    Enjoy beef brisket with these easy and delicious recipes. The first is a rich and indulgent beef brisket ragu, and the second a smoky weekday meal where you can stuff any leftover brisket into tortilla wraps to make Cheat's birria tacos.

  4. Spiced roasted veg mac and cheese

    Try a fresh take on a classic with this roasted veggie mac and cheese that’s packed with veg and warm spices, then use the leftover cheese sauce for a cheat’s creamy chicken and spinach curry. Ready in half an hour, it’s quick, easy and oh-so-comforting.

  5. Creamy chicken and kale tagliatelle

    Spin leftover chicken livers into two easy meals. Have a hearty creamy chicken liver and kale tagliatelle dinner today and use the leftovers to make a warm chicken liver and beetroot salad for a perfect light lunch tomorrow.

  6. Tofu scramble with mushrooms and tomatoes

    Looking for vegan breakfast inspiration? This tofu scramble with mushrooms and tomatoes is both colourful and tasty. Use any leftover tofu to make a fresh Tex-Mex tofu bowl.