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More ways to enjoy juice this summer

All Tesco chilled juice is squeezed straight from the fruit, so grab a bottle or two of your favourite and enjoy some refreshingly fruity serves this summer. Whether it’s a new cocktail for a party or a frozen treat for everyone to enjoy, these ideas are super simple and perfect for making the most of fresh juices.

  1. Homemade lollies

    For another way to help kids enjoy their juice, try freezing juices into fun layered lollies. Pour their favourite juices into lolly moulds and freeze a layer at a time (adding fresh fruit if you like) to get a stripy effect. Orange and forest fruits (with some sliced strawberries added in) create a colourful effect, but try your own combinations with as many layers as you like.

  2. Juice cubes

    Make a chilled glass of juice even more refreshing by using juice for the ice cubes, too. You won’t dilute your drink with water as they melt and you could even try freezing different juices to make your own mixes, we love pink grapefruit and pineapple for a tangy, tropical treat.

    Juice cubes
  3. Simple slushies

    If you’ve already got a tray of juice cubes sitting in the freezer, then a simple slushie is something you can easily whip up as well. Blitz the cubes in a powerful food processor or blender for a glass of fruity ice that’ll be the ultimate refreshment on a hot day. Make them even prettier by layering up different flavours in the same glass - all you need to do is choose whether to enjoy with a straw or spoon…

    Simple slushies
  4. Party cocktails

    Ever heard of the junglebird cocktail? It’s one you should definitely be serving up this summer and will become a new party favourite. Tasting as tropical as it sounds, this pretty drink is a mix of spicy dark rum, Campari, zingy lime and plenty of pineapple juice. Mix up a batch and invite friends and family over pronto.

    Party cocktails
  5. Martini mocktails

    Booze-free can be beautiful too and fresh juices are perfect for making sophisticated summer mocktails. Served with mint leaves, ice and orange slices, this tropical ‘martini’ is a great non-alcoholic twist on the classic. For the kids, try serving as a juice float with chopped pineapple and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    Martini mocktails
  6. Savoury ideas

    Many salad dressings start with lemon juice and oil, so why not try mixing other fresh fruit juices with extra-virgin olive oil for a new twist – just add mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper as needed to tweak the flavour. The sugars and acid in juice both help to tenderise meat, so work well as a marinade or braising liquid for slow-cooked dishes such as these Mexican-style pork tacos or sticky pulled chicken.

    Savoury ideas
  7. Juice: Does it count towards my 5-a-day?

    Yes, 150ml of unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice or smoothie counts as 1 of your 5-a-day. However, even when combined, these only count as a maximum of 1 portion, so if you have two glasses of different juices (or a juice and a smoothie), you’ll still only have had 1 of your 5-a-day.

    Shop Tesco chilled juice online and try your own favourite combinations at home.